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Newsweek Turns Benign Putin Comment Into Declaration of War Against Sweden

Par for the course

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Rejoice, internet folk, for Newsweek has graced your e-presence with yet another miracle of journalism. 

Yes, the same magazine which artfully suggested back in April that Putin had bombed St. Petersburg is now warning that Putin is prepared to wipe Sweden off the face of the earth if it joins NATO. 

<figcaption>Good job, Newsweek</figcaption>
Good job, Newsweek

Watch out Daily Mail, Newsweek is breaking the big stories now:

Here's the problem: Putin never said this. Not even close. 

What he really said was that if Sweden joins NATO, "it will affect our relations in a negative way ... and we will have to think about how we should react to this additional threat". Putin went on to state: "but this absolutely does not mean that we will have hysterics or we will target Sweden with nuclear missiles".

You can read the original Russian yourself

Putin didn't "vow" anything. In fact, he essentially said the exact opposite of what the Newsweek headline alleges: Russia would be disappointed if Sweden joined NATO, but it wouldn't respond with "hysterics". 

2017 is terrible. 








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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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