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New Projects Update From Charles Bausman - 12 Days Left For Fall Fundraiser

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Dear Russia Insiders,

A simple fact of our fund drives is that 90% of the donations come from a small core of true fans, people who read us regularly, like our style, agree with our positions, and think we are doing something very important.

This is a special appeal to continue your extraordinary support.

I’m throwing a couple quotes from George Orwell into this post, one of my favorite stylists and essayists, (don’t care much for his novels - too depressing).


We have been working hard all summer putting new employees and resources into place, which will start producing great material shortly.

Our long-stated goal of launching an audio podcast - a discussion of ongoing political events -  is still in the works. It hit some delays, but we fully expect to go public within a few weeks.

We plan to broadcast 2-3 times a week - bringing you insight from the best experts.

The more of you who contribute, the faster we can build all this out.

We still have a ways to go to hit our $30k goal - please help make it happen!


We continue to build an info machine which is successfully beating back the ridiculous and dishonest narrative being pushed in the media, not just about Russia, but a lot of other things.

And it is all done with small (and sometimes large) contributions from people like you - we are completely independent - which is why we can publish the extraordinary things others can’t or won’t.

Join us in making this happen. So far it has been a remarkable success.

Believe us, we are just getting started.


Charles Bausman
Founder, Publisher, and Editor
Russia Insider

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