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New Polish President to Take Tougher Stance on Ukraine's Nazi Glorification

With Komorowski's defeat, Ukraine may have lost a much-needed friend

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Experts are predicting a rift in relations between Poland and Ukraine.

Up until now, Ukraine has been receiving military help and support from Poland for the civil war against the people of Donbass.

<figcaption>Will Poland become more critical of Kiev?</figcaption>
Will Poland become more critical of Kiev?

However, according to policy analysts this may soon change, as the new president Andrzej Duda is particularly critical of Kiev government's glorification of WWII Nazi Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which massacred tens of thousands of Polish civilians.

Russian news agency TASS reports:

The election of Andrzej Duda as Poland’s new president will strengthen an ideological conflict between Warsaw and Kiev and will change Poland’s role of being Ukraine’s advocate in Europe, Ruslan Bortnik, director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management, told TASS on Monday.

"An ideological rift between Ukraine and Poland may increase. That may seriously undermine Poland’s role of Ukraine’s advocate in Europe," Bortnik said explaining that Polish new President Elect Andrzej Duda is holding a tougher stance against idealization of members of right radical movements in Ukraine. "He has said many times that the recognition of members of the Ukraine Insurgent Army as fighters for Ukraine’s independence is the critical point for a normal Ukrainian-Polish dialogue and called for remembering hundreds of thousands of Polish victims of the massacres in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia during WWII," the Ukrainian expert said.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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