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Highly Influential US Alt-Right is Staunchly Pro-Russia, Wants Alliance

"Our ultimate goal is to free every white nation from (((globalist))) control and whatever road we have to take to get there, is the road worth taking."

"Because of its central importance, we should push the alliance with Russia even if it means the end of NATO."

The new kid on the block in American politics, the Alt-Right carries weight, and is influential well beyond its size, which is substantial, numbering in the millions of politically active young white men and active in social media.  

The best article we have seen on this phenomenon, is the one written for RI, which gives details on just how large and influential the Alt-Right tsunami has become, where it came from, and why it is so influential.

<figcaption>Pepe, the Alt-Right mascot</figcaption>
Pepe, the Alt-Right mascot

The original title of this article was: 'A New Ostpolitik: An Alt-Right Agenda for Foreign Policy' and appeared on a leading Alt-Right website, Fash the Nation.

As a movement generally opposed to interventionism and foreign adventures the Alt-Right stands out from the dominant schools of foreign policy that have, until recently, prevailed in the United States since the Second World War.

Indeed, for many on the alt-right, foreign policy is a distraction more than anything else, a domain where neocons run amok and wars are waged to make the world safe for democracy. Foreign policy is also the domain of the elites, something debated by those with access or influence with those who hold the levers of power. All discussions about international relations have the stink of the beltway on them to a greater or lesser degree.

Before the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency, any aspects of an Alt-Right foreign policy were always reflections of our domestic priorities. With Trump’s victory however, we actually have a president who might do some of things we want, even if our reasons differ from Trump’s.

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An Alt-Right Putin meme

Until the inauguration, Trump’s specific objectives and policies towards the nations of the world are ephemeral, his pick of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State suggests he is willing to follow through on his calls for détente with Russia from the campaign, even as his potential pick of John Bolton for under-secretary suggests the interventionists still have a place at the table.

These seemingly contradictory picks by Trump mean that the neoconservatives, ever our adversary in public policy, will have Trump’s ear at least some of the time. The Alt-Right should not sit silently on these issues but advocate for the policies and stances that we deem necessary.

Just what we should advocate and argue for however, is debatable. The Alt-Right’s stance for non-interventionism is a sound basis to start from.

Many in the Alt-Right found themselves outside of conservative orthodoxy for the first time by opposing the Iraq war. The anti-war stances of 2008 and 2012 candidate Ron Paul formed a lightning rod for those of us disaffected by the attempt by neocons to impose “Western Democracy” on a foreign people completely unsuited for it. We may not have realized it at the time, but the neo-liberal consensus on foreign policy was shattered beyond repair.

Image icon 41e.jpg
Another Alt-Right Putin meme

For those of us who would later come to realize the truth of race-realism, we can see how in hind-sight the same deluded thinking that believes that Somalians can become Americans via liberal application of Magic Dirt allowed us to believe that Iraqis could become a modern democracy if we only applied enough drone strikes. These people are incompatible with white society, whether you try to export that society or try to import the non-whites themselves. This is the infamous “invade the world, invite the world” dichotomy, that has embodied the failed neocon agenda that the Alt-Right stands against.

There are other reasons to oppose interventionism. For the middle east, not only can invasions do nothing to bring stability to that region, but such wars needlessly waste American (mostly white male) lives and expend our blood and treasure on behalf of the Zionist State. Moreover, within the current balance of power in the middle east, to continue opposition to the Assad government in Syria, and to continue to saber rattle over Iranian nuclear weapons only makes it harder for us (nigh impossible) to reconcile with Russia.

This brings us to the most revolutionary aspect of the Alt-Right’s vision for foreign policy, and one which we can hope to have support from the new Secretary of State on. Russia, under Vladimir Putin, is a nationalist state, which opposes western degeneracy in all its forms. It is also noteworthy that, beyond that fact, Russia is perhaps the only state in the world that can actually annihilate the United States with nuclear weapons.

The 20th century saw two great wars in which the western nations bled themselves white and nearly two generations of young white men went to die only so that their sons would spend the rest of the twentieth century locked in a game of nuclear chicken. If there is another war, a nuclear war, between the United States and Russia, western civilization will never recover (and the world itself might end). The leftists will risk such stakes in order to push gay marriage on Russia and because for the first time, the United States has seen a foreign government (not proven of course) try to influence its elections. Such activity is something the United States has done to countless other country’s elections, but that fact escapes the breathless punditry.

Trump’s election represents a unique opportunity to flip Russia from its current role as the permanent bogeyman of US foreign policy to a strategic ally.

An alliance with Russia poses short term gains as well as long term ones. In the short term, we can expect a rapid conclusion to the Syrian Civil war and a coordinated campaign to destroy ISIS without the need for US troops on the ground. With Russia and the United States aligned together in the Middle East, Israel is far less likely to start a shooting war with Iran, and the Saudis are less likely to escalate their war in Yemen.

In general, nations are less likely to start adventurous proxy wars if they don’t think their patron has their back. If the United States stops supporting Saudi and Israeli aggression, than the region as a whole will become more stable. Even if the middle east does not become appreciably more stable in the short term, the United States, by pursuing a strategy that stops advocating for democracy and human rights and stops underwriting Israeli adventurism will find less and less casus belli to get involved.

We just want out and an alliance with Russia gives fewer reasons for the neocons to latch onto for us to get back in.

Realignment with Russia would also give Trump more options for dealing with Europe. As the populist wave continues to surge across the EU, we must make sure that Trump keeps giving the EU the cold shoulder. Without the Russian bogeyman to distract Europeans from the true existential threat in their midst (the migrant crisis) we give no off ramp to the bureaucrats in Brussels to try and channel the populist fervor engulfing them.

Trump's public advocacy for Brexit during the campaign, coupled with his promise to bump Britain to the front of the line for trade deals is an ideal template we should repeat for any EU country seeking freedom from the bloc. Trump need not make any bones about publicly supporting any populist candidate or party which advocates fro leaving the EU, we should exhort him never to hold back.

The architects behind the European project foresaw the reemergence of a United States of Europe which could act as a Third Force to balance out the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact which being able to negotiate with the United States a a bloc. That dream makes no more sense if Russia is no longer the enemy.

Because of its central importance, we should push the alliance with Russia even if it means the end of NATO (or Russian inclusion in it) and the removal of missile defense systems and troops from country’s bordering Russia. To save face with domestic hawks, Trump might be wise to try and get concessions out of Russia (such as a return to the status ante in Ukraine) and security guarantees for the Baltic States.

If he can achieve these results, it will be almost impossible for the war hawks to accuse him of appeasement, and the nationalist movements in Eastern Europe will not have to choose between being anti-EU and pro-Russia.

Our ultimate goal is to free every white nation from (((globalist))) control and whatever road we have to take to get there, is the road worth taking.

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