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The New Militarism: Basking in the Arms of a New Arms Race

An interconnected web of think tanks, civil servants, the press and arms manufacturers wants an arms race with Russia at all costs. Unfortunately, they'll get it because they're the ones really behind the steering wheel

A recent report issued by the Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in Britain, it virtually assures us we’ll see a brand spanking new arms race. Now we see the main reasoning behind the west-east divide of the last months.

Sanctions and sword rattling, dirty tricks and death dealing over the geography of Europe and the Middle East, it’s all about weapons and money, as if we didn’t know.

The IISS Military Balance 2015 report, it’s not only telling of militarism being a big business plan from London and Washington, the report has to be one of the most timely strategic assessments ever released.

Just as all eyes are on the geo-strategy surrounding Ukraine, as Europeans meet in Minsk to deter all out aggression, the great thinkers at this think tank ponder and promote a new age of conflict.

These Cold War dinosaurs are resurrecting their Jurassic Period ideas and strategy for a reducere of the ogranization’s original purpose, to be once again:

“Hugely influential in setting the intellectual structures for managing the Cold War."

Managing the Business of War

That’s right, the first Cold War was “managed,” and none of these arrogant intellectuals paid to conjure such profoundly disgusting Machiavellianism are even ashamed to admit it.

Like the new breed of liars along the Potomac River, the Thames equivalents are proud of having contributed to humankind’s most wasteful and futile endeavors. Summoning old terms like “hybrid warfare” to describe the Ukraine civil war, it’s preposterous.

The facts refute virtually all of this “balance” report aimed at some new “Star Wars” initiative. As I’ve pointed out before, Russia was in the process of winding down military spending prior to the Maidan events, this has now been obscured by a real “hybrid” reenactment of Cold War crisis and aggression form NATO and the west.

This 2011 detailed report entitled: Russia’s Military Reforms: Victory After 20 Years of Failure,” it details both Mr. Putin’s and Mr. Medvedev’s initiatives to both scale down, and to later modernize Russia’s lagging military capability.

Moscow is at this moment readjusting to suit the new strategic emergency, and emergency brought on by an international détente back stabbing of monumental proportions.

What we are seeing today is not a resurgence of a Cold War or the Berlin Wall, it’s a transformation of that wall. Checkpoint Charlie has been moved, much farther to the east, and if I am right, this was the ongoing plan all along.

Proof of the ongoing nature of current frictions is easily evidenced watching the players involved. I mentioned dinosaurs and Cold War relics out there already, and key players in this game are now referenced directly by IISS to evangelize their latest assessment.

One in particular, Dr Robert M. Gates, former US Secretary of Defense and Director of Central Intelligence, he’s given his glowing recommendation to this report already:

"Amid continuing conflict and broadening insecurity, The Military Balance provides essential facts and analysis for decision-makers and for better informed public debate."

The Tyrannical Trident

The dogma, ideals, and failed strategies of such men are telling if we consider peace in our time a goal of nations. Gates, a protégé of President Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, he’s advised every administration since the Carter presidency. If you’re looking for a least common denominator in US and western policy, then these two and their colleagues like Henry Kissinger are your policy ring leaders.

If these men are one point of a US hegemony trident, then corporate owned media is a second one. We’ve seen the cohesive effort of western mainstream media leveled like a gun at Putin and Russia. Anyone with a news notification or RSS feed can just scan the headlines and detect, the massive weight of misinformation aimed at Russia.

Now the Minsk events, observed along with the defense industry’s topics of today, these virtually assure the reading public of the war games to come. Isn’t it remarkable that Radio Free Europe and 500 other western media outlets have reported on Russia’s “hybrid menace” just since this report was released?

Now speaking of asymmetric warfare, and other forms of combined arms combat, IISS and NATO could not be more in sync in the press if they had a central command and control. Isn’t media propaganda part and parcel an element of so-called “hybrid war” tactics?

Let’s be realistic, hybrid warfare is older than Sparta, and IISS can justifiably be accused of engaging in said tactical play with their fear mongering here. So we see the brains behind the strategy, and the control of information necessary for this kind of despotism, but how about the third prong of the weapon?

You may logically consider leadership as a point of the spear of geo-strategy, but you’d be wrong. The faces of politicians, their part in these dynamic war games are only meaningful for their part in evangelizing policy, and for absorbing the public angst.

People like Barack Obama or David Cameron, they possess very little real power actually. Consider them media celebrities, or the connective tissue in between the thinkers, talkers, and instigators.

Our third pointy facet is the latter of these, those that provide the funding, give the orders, and who build the weapons and washing machines. The industrialists who’ve always played at world domination, they’re the ones doing us all in. In the United States, in particular, the grease that runs Washington comes from Corporations now, more than ever.

Of course this is all widely known. What most people are not aware of are the intricate connections in between the thinkers, the media, and the instigators in this business. Now the reader is wondering; “which businesses?” So maybe it’s fair for me to say; “All of the big ones.”

I mentioned Zbigniew Brzezinski because he is the highest profile thinker, but it’s his entrenchment in organizations like the Atlantic Council, and other factions of the Washington establishment that is important. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s daughter, is MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski (media) co-emceed the event.

Her brother Ian, is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for NATO and European Policy. I mention these relatives to show how US policy has become something of a “family affair.” But the list of companies and so-called non-profit organizations involved is extensive. Here are a few:

American Enterprise Institute
American Foreign Policy Council
Aspen Institute
Brookings Institution
Carnegie Endowment
Cato Institute
Center for a New American Security
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Council on Foreign Relations
Foreign Policy Research Institute
German Marshall Fund of the United States
Heritage Foundation
Hudson Institute
New America Foundation
Nixon Center
Rand Corporation
United States Institute of Peace
Wilson Center International Center for Scholars

I list these few to illustrate a good point for you. My fellow Americans think of these NGOs and non-profits as entities that offer altruistic advice, strategies, or world changing assistance for free to the world. Nothing and I mean nothing could be further from the truth.

The untold billions these organizations utilize, the monies their researchers earn and spend, the clout and connections they afford their memberships, are funded in large part by taxpayer dollars, corporate donations, and entirely ambiguous dealings.

While your or I may read or write or discuss these issues for free, the people concocting what happens to our world rake in the dough in bundles. Corporate control of Washington does not just come in the form of campaign contributions. 

Nor do the key people get paid in envelopes under the table (only). Being in the “thinkers” click, the payoffs are above board, at least in as far as you can find them.

Just looking at how the Heritage Foundation operates gives clues into how “the instigators” get policy done. Tax deductions, matching corporate gifts, even governmental employees direct through the Combined Federal Campaign and as for high worth individuals, CEOs of corporations and individual investors there’s donating securities directly with a capital gains tax and other loophole benefits:

“Transferring securities held long term to The Heritage Foundation allows you to make a gift and receive a charitable deduction equal to the full, fair market value of the securities. You pay no capital gains on your gift and neither does Heritage.”

To make matters even worse, organizations like these allow corporations to give matching gifts for employees of these companies that donate to them. While this may seem like a wonderful charitable idea, something every company should want to do, in the end we are held up once again to further a corporate agenda. “The Man,” if we can call these “instigators” one name, he’s got his foot on the jugular of the citizen, from A to Z.

I can just hear the human resources director at one of the factories I used to work at, offering up the corporate take on “giving” for democracy. Was I really? Are we now? Digging deeper, you’ll only find a spider web of 10,000 tricks and twists the 1% level at doing foreign and domestic relations.

To say the game is fixed, is a vast understatement. Corporations, and the top people who control them, they make war and peace worldwide. All you have to do is look at the key people in any of these organizations.

Picking on the Heritage Trust again, the board of trustees is made up of people like Thomas A. Saunders III, who was managing director of Morgan Stanley & Co. Moving to the German Marshall Fund of the United States, we find the founder and chairman emeritus there Dr. Guido Goldman, another Kissinger and Brzezinski fellow.

Dr. Goldman is indicative of the deep penetration of this post World War II western philosophy of hegemony. He’s the Director program for the Study of Germany and Europe Center for European Studies, Harvard University, a post significant for realizing the expansion of these ideals to generations of students.

I could go on forever aligning you with just who these organizations and people are, and with what they do. I’ll leave off here with the Center for a New American Security, perhaps the most aptly named of these entities. The key figure for this group is the honorable Madeleine K. Albright, former Secretary of State and a former student of Brzezinski.

Albright, born in then Czechoslovakia, was instrumental in creating the policy that led to US intervention in the Balkans. Albright was massively criticized for having suggests 500,000 dead civilians in Iraq was a fair price to pay for overthrowing the regime there during a segment of 60 Minutes.

Waging War On the Warmongers

To sum up, there’s no need for microanalyses of this IISS assessment really. While it’s very true NATO, the EU, and Europe has delegated security and defense largely to the United States, it is also true Russia has focused on only defensive strategic capabilities in the last 7 years. 

The new report is nothing more than a call to production to the arms industry, for a brand new arms race between west and east. This is about new tanks and missiles for Germany and Romania, and nothing more. What it says is; “We need to spend trillions more on making cutting edge, very expensive weapons system to level onto an enemy we created.”

Russia and Putin are just a convenient fear, one already engrained into every speck of western popular culture. You see, the brilliant strategists to the west of Poland, theirs is not real genius. The all mighty and powerful cannot think past the ends of their stubborn and lazy ideals.

Peace you see, is not an innovation they’ve ever even tried. War as an ideology is not broke to them, so they do not try and fix the world of conflict. Now you’ve been told, in yet another rendition of “save the world, make love not war!”

However informed the average citizen of the world is, there seems to be no recourse for us. Everyone in the “day to day” I talk to asks me the question; “Yes Phil, but what can I do to stop a war?”

While some protest verbally or online, others actually take to the streets, but to little avail. Others, like the separatists in east Ukraine, or the poor victims in Gaza, they feel the bloody effect of the western trident. Blood spilt, all over the world, it is the sticky residue on the hands of these powerful men and women. Still, they could seemingly care less.

What can you do if they care not for your voice or your vote? The answer is fairly simple actually. You can join together to boycott their businesses, to make their wars more costly than peace. We, all of us, we can suffer the slight inconveniences in order to make the war business unviable. To do this, we need to act in a cohesive and unified effort.

I am open for your suggestions, and I’ll give you some of mine later on. Until then, I urge each of you to investigate just who is perpetrating these never ending conflicts. The lives and resources wasted, they cost every single human being of this world. Of this fact there can be no argument.

Stop the instigators, and the thinkers and propagandists will cease. We need to stop funding those who fund war. 

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