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New Documentary Claims Blockbuster Revelations in MH17 Case (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A new documentary which has appeared on YouTube is promising to reveal important information in the case of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which met a tragic end over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

Published on a channel called MH17 Inquiry, the introduction to the documentary promises a series of episodes which will shake the foundations of what we've been told by western mainstream sources about the incident.

The first episode, which appeared June 30th, investigates the appearance of a "Buk" anti-aircraft system which was filmed being transported in the town of Zugres in July of 2014. The footage has been reposted several times on YouTube. It has been claimed by Bellingcat and others, that the footage was shot on July 17th or 18th - the implication being that the Buk may have been involved in shooting down the MH17 on the 17th.

The producers of this new documentary claim to have located the man who originally filmed the Buk from his apartment balcony. His name is Andrey Anderyushin. He says he actually filmed the Buk heading West on July 5th, about 2 weeks before the MH17 tragedy. Anderyushin says he at first uploaded his video to the social network vKontakte, but then deleted his account after he became worried about his safety. 

Also interviewed is a man named Andrey Bondarenko. Mr Bondarenko says he was the commander of the separatist forces in the town and that the separatists captured the town on the 6th of July, 2014. 

If the Buk was filmed being transported away from the front line (that is, moving West) on the day before Donbass rebels moved in, then the convoy transporting the Buk must have been part of forces loyal to Kiev. 

In addition, if the footage of the Buk moving away from the front was shot 2 weeks prior to MH17's destruction, whether it could have been involved in shooting the airliner down at all is brought into question. 

The first episode concludes with a promise that episode 2 will contain "an even bigger revelation" in the MH17 case. After all the baseless anti-Russian propaganda and remaining questions surrounding MH17, it should definitely be worth a watch.  

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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