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Neocon Russia-Haters' Fancy Morgan Freeman Video is Blowing up in Their Face

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This priceless video is just proof positive that these people are like the dinosaurs - too stupid to realize that their environment has changed and that they are headed for extinction.

To the priestly cast of neocon 2nd-raters like Frum and Boot who have ruled the roost in Washington for the last 30 years, putting out a video like this might have seemed like a good idea - hey, it worked in the past ... think Iraq war, Libya, Yugoslavia ...

<figcaption>Going down</figcaption>
Going down

Watson's obliteration of this moronic video is dead-on. They were asking for it.

Except they forgot about the existence of the alternative media!

So along comes Paul Joseph Watson, with his 1 MILLION! Youtube subscribers, his platform on the enormous Infowars reaching in the 10s of MILLIONS per month, his 700K! Twitter followers, - and he pounces on this pathetic, ridiculous pack of lies, and devours it with loud smacking sounds.

The neocon's expensive, carefully scripted little video turns into a devastating indictment of the whole Russia lie, - blowing up in their face.

Watson's brutal and violent crushing of the video already has 150,000 views in 8 hours, with 16K upvotes, and, um, 355 downvotes, and that is if you even trust Youtube, which there is no reason to.

By the end of the day it will have 3 times more, and by the end of the week - well, another massive face-plant for the dopey globalists.

Here is the original video, in all it's lavishly funded by brain-cell deprived glory

And this has been the story of the neocons and their lying over the past few years - ever since the alt-media came into its own - it is being exposed by us, and being destroyed.

They still don't get it, and they will keep on lying their way into extinction.

If you want this delightful destruction of the neocon hammer-lock on American foreign policy to continue - support our Fall fund drive.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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