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Neo-Nazis Receive Medals From Kiev After Being Condemned by US Congress


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We've reported extensively on the long overdue House vote to prohibit the U.S. military from training neo-Nazi forces in Ukraine, but Robert Parry's analysis — juxtaposed with the media whitewash of swastika-bedazzled fighters in Ukraine — is a must-read. We think the simple question he begins with is both thought provoking and deeply disturbing:

"When even the hawkish House of Representatives can’t stomach these Nazi storm troopers who have served as Kiev’s tip of the spear against the ethnic Russian population of eastern Ukraine, what does that say about the honesty and integrity of the New York Times when it finds these same Nazis so admirable?"

<figcaption>Most improved Nazi!</figcaption>
Most improved Nazi!

Or maybe even a more freaky question is: What does it say when Kiev awards medals to the neo-Nazis that even the U.S. Congress — not exactly the most morally upright body on earth — is too squeamish to associate with? We don't have answers, but we do have pictures! In celebration of the one year anniversary of the Azov battalion's "liberation" of Mariupol, the infamous neo-Nazi unit was heaped with laurels

[Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council] Turchinov and [Minister of Interior] Avakov awarded soldiers. So many were awarded that the ceremony lasted more than 30 minutes. Part of the military were presented arms.
"Then it was time for gifts. Volunteers handed fighters 'Donbass' a bath and laundry equipment. Sniper rifles were also presented. 

"Mayor Yuri Mariupol Hotlubey honored the following as defenders of the city of Mariupol: [Azov leader and massive Nazi] Andrei Biletsky, Vadim Trojans, Vladimir Shpara, Daniel Mikhailenko Igor Mikhailenko, Vadim Zinkovsky, Knyazhanskomu Igor, Ruslan Berladin, Sergey Korotkov Sergey Korovin."





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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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