NATO’s Cold War Veterans Engaged in Group Wishful Thinking

 "The unipolar world will never return, despite threats, trainings and RAND Corporation war games."

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NATO has breached relations with Russia. “We don’t have the strategic partnership we tried to build after the Cold War. However, we are not at a cold war. It’s a different situation now,” – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the summit in Warsaw.

However, he doesn’t specify what kind of situation it is

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared a new cold war in Warsaw  - figuratively.

NATO members are often like ugly old women telling each other about their fear of being raped in the hallway, feigning fright. They sit and make small talk over coffee about things that can’t happen. They take out tear gas launchers, electric shockers, sharing ideas about new ways to protect their drooping bodies. They retell scary stories of sweaty men raping an acquaintance in a neighboring town, to prove that even a theoretically impossible situation is not the fruit of their sick imagination.  

It’s clear that after what happened in Ukraine and Syria, contributions to NATO for ‘"ollective security" are setting records. This is one of the goals of the deterrence policy against "unpredictable Russia". The generals get upset when no one pays attention to them.  

However, it seems that the main goal of the summit in Warsaw is the reincarnation of the US as major world gendarme, raising the worn authority of the superpower. They failed to weaken Russia by involving it in the wars in Georgia and Ukraine. They failed to take ownership of Crimea, acquiring our Black Sea fleet. They failed to destroy Syria, and now have to restore it on Russia’s terms. The shifts in power in Libya and Iraq resulted in such catastrophic consequences, and not only for these countries, but for Europe as well, that from now on even allies don’t take Washington’s word about anything.

The summit in Warsaw reminded me of the swan song of an epoch, performed by a choir of cold war veterans. The unipolar world will never return, despite threats, trainings and RAND Corporation war games.

Source: Live Journal

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