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This Is NATO: Turkey Downs Russian Jet While US Gives ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Tankers

We've said it before: The "war on terror" is a sad joke

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The news of Turkish F-16 fighters shooting down a Russian military jet over Syria sounds like the beginning of Fallout 5. Turkey's reckless act of war (not to sound dramatic, but that's what it is) is even more mind-melting when juxtaposed with this nugget of absurdity: The US gave ISIS a 45-minute "heads up" before launching air strikes against its oil tanker convoys. This "anti-terror" tactic was unceremoniously announced at a recent Defense Department press conference (hat tip to Zerohedge): 

Early Sunday morning in Al-Bukamal, which is the southern blue circle number two, you see two blue circles there. They both represent Tidal Wave II operations, but we're in the southern one -- the one further towards the bottom of your screen, there.

In Al-Bukamal, we destroyed 116 tanker trucks, which we believe will reduce ISIL's ability to transport its stolen oil products.

This is our first strike against tanker trucks, and to minimize risks to civilians, we conducted a leaflet drop prior to the strike. We did a show of force, by -- we had aircraft essentially buzz the trucks at low altitude.

So, I do have copy of the leaflet, and I have got some videos, so why don't you pull the leaflet up. Let me take a look at it so I can talk about it.

As you can see, it's a fairly simple leaflet, it says, "Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them." A very simple message.

And then, also, "Warning: airstrikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life."

And so, these are the leaflets that we dropped -- about 45 minutes before the airstrikes actually began.

A friendly \"heads up\" from the Pentagon
A friendly "heads up" from the Pentagon

Shooting down Russian jets, but giving ISIS oil tanker drivers time to flee — clearly this "shows" something, no? And then there's this bit of news from yesterday

Syrian forces recently captured an Islamic State (Isis) oil tanker from Hasakah, which it claimed operated between Syria and Turkey. The development has once again fuelled speculations that Turkey has been aiding Isis.

This is NATO. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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