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The Winds of Change Are Blowing the World Toward Russia, Not NATO

'Russia offers an alternative to US diktats, a capitalist alternative that is considerably more humane than the one offered by the USA'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a popular Russian paleoconservative blogger

A long-awaited meeting of the NATO-Russia Council took place recently. We expected a lot from it, but not that it would clear up everything, yet it did.

It shows that basically the parties are not yet ready for dialogue, because Russia is a country and NATO is a bureaucratic structure. A country has interests and goals, while a structure has reports, work plans, schedules and cadres. The country has a reality, and the structure has an ideology.

Countries and structures simply have no common ground where they could discuss things, because for the country, the May 2014 Odessa massacre was an inferno and a sign of monstrous danger, while for the structure it is a passing excess in the process of integrating a new member.

NATO was originally formed by western capitalism as a structure with which to confront the Soviet world. It combined the common goal of the member countries’ capitalists not to fall to the Soviets, or even better – to destroy the Soviets to increase their wealth and power.  

It was convenient and profitable for the members, battered by a war they themselves had started, to have the US lead the alliance. The US managed to do a lot, often better than we did, which is why liberals like to compare North and South Korea.

But the situation has changed. Trying to be good, the West targeted devastated Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, instead of Korea. Russia got Belorussia and Kazakhstan. It’s not a luxury, but clean, decent and worthy, and we invested our own hard-earned money. We didn’t steal anything from anyone. We didn’t spill blood in order to get oil.  

We’re facing a classical revolutionary situation across the world: the authorities cannot rule as before, people don’t want to live as before, and mass political activity is increasing.

What is radical Islam? What is Latin-American Christian socialism? What is Jamahiriya? They are manifestations of mass political activity. And the manifestations reflect the masses.

The modern capitalist system is facing a crisis. The winds of history have changed course. They don’t blow into the sails of all NATO countries in the same way. The old system (of which the US is the embodiment and major beneficiary) doesn’t offer any way to resolve this crisis, apart from the NATO countries pouring in more money to benefit the US.  

Russia offers an alternative to US diktats, a capitalist alternative that is considerably more humane than the one offered by the USA.

Russia offers the restoration of international law, and transparent rules of the game. Russia offers to tame and even rehabilitate capitalism’s base, which is not diseased with the ideology of supremacy and bureaucracy. Some can be richer than others, but only if they work hard.

Capitalists will not be able to feed their parasites by warring and ruining states. Stronger countries will remain stronger and will take advantage of that. But there will no disorder, with its mutant ideologies and communities.  

The most important thing is that this model will have future. It will evolve. And humanity will remain one with this model. The hope for a Land of Distant Magic will also remain.    

The US can’t accept this concept. It has become a structural part of the disorder. It can’t reorganize, for this would lead to its destruction.

To survive, the US must become united as the only center of power, prosperity and force, the rest of humanity serving its needs. At best. Most people will actually be completely ‘written off’.

That’s why the US is twisting the arms of its former allies, enslaving them, transforming them into appendices, depriving them of any sovereignty.  

Member countries are trying to resist, realizing  that they are becoming fodder, just as Arabs, Negroes and others were before. Structures built to create disorder in relation to non-NATO countries are now are used against the members themselves.

NATO and the EU are non-accountable to individual nations, confronting them, with notions of reform.

Recent statements by Federica Mogherini about the destiny of the EU are incredibly vulgar and hollow. Her calls for unity and cohesion are not supported by any concrete facts, but are remindful of old communist speeches before the USSR collapsed.  

The winds of history find ever more holes in the construction, blowing through them, shaking a tower of bones.

The US knows this, but it treats the problem with ideology and-bureaucracy. It thinks that if it puts up a weathervane in the right position, the wind will obey and blow in that direction.

But that’s not how things work. Recent events in France, Turkey, Syria and Ukraine show they only get worse.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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