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NATO Lobbyist: Unfortunately, Russia Still Exists! (VIDEO)

Jelena Milic, NATO lobbyist and president of the Center for Euro-Atlantic studies (CEAS) based in Belgrade, Serbia, made a shocking statement during a recent roundtable discussion

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The roundtable "Montenegro and neutrality" was marked by a scandalous russophobic and xenophobic statement by paid NATO lobbyist Jelena Milic, who lamented that "Russia, unfortunately, still exist."

Jelena Milic claims that the main goal of Russia in the Balkans is to stifle the European integration process in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. "We see what they did in Ukraine, and they will do the same here," she stated.

One of the founders of the Center for Euro-Atlantic studies (CEAS) of Belgrade is the Freedom House, an organization close to the Washington establishment and well known for evaluating "levels of democracy" around the world.
In other words, this woman is a hack. 

<figcaption>Unfortunately, people like Jelena Milic still exist.</figcaption>
Unfortunately, people like Jelena Milic still exist.

Both Serbia and Montenegro suffered greatly from NATO bombing campaigns in 1999 that led to more than 5 thousand killed, 80 billion dollars of material damage, devastating health consequences from NATO depleted uranium bombs, ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo and creation of the US client state of Kosovo.

According to a survey from April 2015, NATO is not welcome in both Serbia and Montenegro. Currently 80.6 % of Serbs are against NATO membership, while only 8,4% of Serbs are for joining NATO. On the other side, 61.1% favor an alliance with Russia, while 18,4% of Serbian respondents oppose it. The results are slightly different in Montenegro, but still overwhelmingly anti-NATO. According to a survey from November 2014, 57%  of Montenegro citizens are against NATO membership, whereas 35% support NATO membership.
It's worth noting that the majority of Serbian and Montenegrin media are either owned by the Western media companies or are government controlled, which means they are pushing for Euro-Atlantic integration. Hence, Serbian and Montenegrin citizens are on a daily basis bombarded by pro-Western messages on both TV and in newspapers. So the strong anti-NATO sentiment in both countries is rather remarkable. 
ln addition, Milo Djukanovic, most likely Montenegro's life-long dictator, never paid too much attention to public opinion. He managed to steal votes at the Montenegro independence referendum in 2006 and technically the Montenegro government is not obliged to hold a referendum concerning NATO membership. Let's not forget that this is a guy who has been in power since 1988, either as Prime Minister, President of Montenegro or president of the ruling party. And the EU and USA has the nerve to call Lukashenko "the last European dictator", while Djukanovic is ruling "a young democracy, promising EU candidate and potential NATO member" for the last 27 years. Priceless. 






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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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