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NATO Jets Accidentally Invade Neutral Finland While Intercepting Russian Planes

Yet NATO claims Russian interceptions are "unprofessional"?

The Russians flew an An-26 cargo plane accompanied with two MiG-31 fighter jets over international waters in the Baltic today (probably en route from Saint Petersburg to Kaliningrad). 

So NATO parked in Estonia, of course took to the sky to "intercept" them. Except the two F-18 jets botched it and ended up over the the waters of neutral Finland. Finland reports NATO jets were violating Finnish airspace for about a minute.

This puts NATO's accusations that Russia's interceptions of western planes in the Baltic are often "unprofessional" in an interesting perspective. We can't remember an incident where Russian interceptors chasing NATO planes got lost an ended up in a neutral country, so who is the amateur here?

Also; the two F-18 fighter jets belong to the Spanish Air Force. We're not surprised. Screw ups is exactly what you can expect when you uproot your air force and send it to "defend" skies 3,000 kilometers from home.

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