Neocon Civil Servants Quitting En Masse Ahead of The Trumpening

Many mid-level bureaucrats are abandoning ship ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration in disagreement with him and the next national security advisor Mike Flynn over policy

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Apparently the established policy bureaucracy in Washington is getting the shivers at The Donald's approach.

The Guardian reports that many career staffers of the National Security Council are quitting their jobs and looking for other work, believing they have no future under Gen. Michael Flynn's tenure:

The White House is struggling to prevent a crippling exodus of foreign policy staffers eager to leave before the arrival of the Trump administration, according to current and former officials.

The top level officials in the National Security Council (NSC) are political appointees who have to submit resignations and leave in a normal transition. The rest of the 400 NSC staff are career civil servants on secondment from other departments. An unusual number of these more junior officials are now looking to depart.

In a related story, democrats in congress are trying to protect establishment bureaucrats in the US State Department from getting canned by Trump. They sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking that he not reveal names of state department officials who worked on foreign policies at odds with Trump's.

Although the mainstream media may be saying the sky is falling due to this departure of seasoned personnel, in reality, Trump's team neither wants nor needs these careerist hacks in their positions.

They have led US foreign policy down a disastrous road for decades. Let them retire to academia or think tanks, and be replaced by fresh people with a different understanding of what is in America's interest. 

Good riddance!

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