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Ukraine Is Awash in Illegal Firearms and Criminality

Veterans of the 'anti-terror operation' against the people of Donbass return home with military-grade hardware to terrorize their own communities - some of it bought by the communities themselves

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a popular Ukrainian blogger with a big following in Russia

When the Ukraine gave its last cucumbers, tomatoes, socks, sweaters to the army, few people thought the war in Donbass would finally end. Ukraine has failed to get back the rebel region, thousands of people have never returned home, or came home disabled, and thousands came back healthy but without principles. 

Most unfortunately, many have kept their weapons. Thousands of unaccounted weapons pass from hand to hand, and sooner or later most of them will shoot. Grenades and grenade launchers, mines and large-caliber machine-guns – all these are already in the possession the new Ukrainian ‘Robin Hoods’. 

Do you remember them collecting money for drones for the Ukrainian army?

Businessmen invested in them. Organizations and volunteers donated them to soldiers. Let’s read a few police reports from today’s Ukraine: 

A gang using a quadcopter flew over the country estate of a big entrepreneur surrounded with a high fence in the city of Volodarsk-Volynskyi. It could hardly be seen from the street, so the thieves video-taped it using a drone. Afterwards they broke into the house with pistols and machine guns, getting away with 30,000 hryvna.  

As if there is still a war, they’re using drones, machine guns, pistols, attack, expropriation.

I’m sure they would have a grenade-launcher if they needed one. I wonder if this entrepreneur chipped in to buy the drones, or was a sympathizer?  They’ve armed themselves with all they needed from the army and returned to lead the good life in the Ukraine that the sponsors and their 'big brothers' had promised them. They chose the good life for themselves, but at the cost of the lives of the rest of the citizens. And they do  not care what becomes of the population. 

Who else wants to argue with the former mayor of the city of Sumy Gennadiy Minnaev?

“The crime rate is growing at a monstrous rate both in the Ukraine and in Sumy. They commit robberies in broad daylight in the main streets. Soon this will affect everyone, since the new leaders are incapable of ruling either the cities, or the state. 

"My 2013 advice to those who were under thirty-five to "get out now" is now: “Everyone, run for your lives!” 

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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