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MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Trump on the Putin Summit

"I want to be the first person on record saying it: I endorse Tucker Carlson for President in the 2024 election."

Tucker’s show last night was probably the best piece of cable news ever produced.

No joke.

And I don’t say that lightly – I’m a big cable news fan.

Let’s start with his opening remarks. Possibly the best monologue of all time. Certainly the most important.

And the first part of the pre-recorded Trump interview.

And second part.

Trump confirmed in this interview (recorded hours after the Summit) the same things he confirmed to Sean Hannity. Making the alleged “cuck” on the reliability of the intelligence agencies meaningless. He DID NOT forget an “apostrophe t” – he said that as a strategic fake-cuck.

Tucker ran with this thing a whole helluva lot better than Hannity did.

Trump is going to pull out of NATO in his second term. You heard it here first.

First it will be increasing economic ties with Russia, military exercises, then BOOM – Arctic Treaty Organization (ATO) – no more NATO.

We have a flag already.

Trump said POINT BLANK not one country has benefited from immigration.

He let it all loose here, folks – watch the damned interview.

Tucker is not only the most popular, powerful person on cable news, he is also the only one that even matters.

He absolutely gets everything.

I have to this day not seen a single thing that I disagree with the man on.

He was one of the only people who defended me and the concept of free speech in America when the censors came down, and for that I will forever be personally grateful. But far beyond that, the man is simply a national treasure.

And I fully endorse him for 2024.

I want to be the first person on record saying it: I endorse Tucker Carlson for President in the 2024 election.


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