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MUST WATCH: Shocking Video by Comedian Bill Maher - Russia Delusion Still Raging Among US Liberals

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Bill Maher outdid himself recently with this video, but in doing so, he inadvertently showed how out of touch the Jewish Hollywood liberal elites like Maher are with most of the country, and even more so with the rest of the world.

Take the 5 minutes to watch the video, it is an eye-opener. Bullet points follow below:

Somehow, Maher managed to pack the following into his monologue:

  • Republican party has become the party of Putin.

  • He brings up the pee tape (again)

  • Trump is a Russian "ho", Putin is his pimp

  • Compares Putin to Bin Laden

  • Russia "flipped" the entire Republican party

  • Russia is a dictator who keeps attacking the US

  • Putin is a thug

  • Russians are racists, that's why Conservatives like them

  • Says how wonderful he thinks it is that the UK, Germany, and France have become multi-racial countries over the last 20 years. Says Russia bad for not doing the same.

  • Russia is a "Honkey Oasis"

  • Russia has "taken over America" by meddling in her elections.

For additional evidence how badly the Russia delusion is raging among liberal elites, you could do little better than read Chuck Scarborough's recent editorial in the Washington Post:  This is not a hoax, and things are not okay.

Here's a summary from Deadline Hollywood:

“Russia,” Maher said during his New Rules segment on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, “is one of the last places on earth to say, ‘F*ck diversity. We’re here. We’re white. Get used to it.’ “

Attempting to explain how 87% of Republicans (according to a recent poll) are fine with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin visiting the White House, Maher chalked it up to racism, and even quoted a tweet from his old pal Ann Coulter.

“Last year Ann Coulter tweeted that ‘In 20 years, Russia will be the only country that is recognizably European.’ As far back as 2013 Matt Drudge called Putin the leader of the free world. David Duke called Russia the key to white survival.

“Today’s Republicans, what’s left of them, do not like the melting pot,” he said. “And Russia? That pot don’t melt.”

Making jokes about White Russians (“Let’s see, I want to get drunk but I also want a glass of milk”) and Russian basketball players (“the team that played against the Globetrotters”), Maher compared racial diversity (or lack thereof) in Russia to that of Western Europe.

“At the recent World Cup,” he said, “the French national team didn’t look like the Old France, it looked like the New France. Germany let in a million Syrians. The Fatherland is now the Brotherland.

“You know how many Syrian refugees Russia has taken in? Two. Martin Sheen has more refugees in his poolhouse.”

Ending the bit with a bite, Maher concluded, “A Barack Obama does not become the president of Russia. Wingnuts used to accuse Obama of being a foreign agent who took over America, but when a foreign power actually did take over America and it was the proudly white one, their response was ‘come right on in.’

“To the members of the Grand Old Party, Russia meddling in our elections isn’t a breach of national security, it’s just white people helping white people. Or what Republicans call governing.”

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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