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Beautiful!, Fave Russian Folk Song - The Horse (Kon') - Monastery Choir (Video)

This article from our archives was first published on RI in January 2017

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This song "A Horse" is the most genious and popular Russian song, which was performed by a lot of different Russian singers and choirs. It takes 32nd place in the Russian top song's list, been ahead even of the Soviet Union Hymn. 

Actually  it became a non-official hymn of Russia among the nation. Remarkable text and melody, which is easy to remember made this masterpiece really known by everyone in Russia.


Here is the great Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir, performed "A Horse". It is definitely one the best version we have ever heard!

It's just a perfect harmony of their voices and amazing composition of the song. Participants of a choir are the students of Sretensky Seminary and graduates of the Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary. 

In addition to regular services in the Sretensky Monastery, Sretensky Choir is singing in the most solemn patriarchal worship in the Moscow Kremlin, and presenting on an international music competitions and missionary journeys of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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