MSNBC: The Alt-Right Has Been 'Co-Opted by Russian Intelligence'

This one is a doozy

The Russia-baiting industry is still firing on all cylinders in the USA—despite the fact that the Russiagate charges seem to have collapsed. At least the usual tub-thumpers have been unusually quiet the past couple of weeks.

MSNBC's 'expert' (right), yucking it up at politicon 2017

Nonetheless, people are making money on this dog, so a few days ago MSNBC managed to jam it into the hysteria over Charlottesville.

The obliging tool, one of the most egregious performers cashing in on this ugly show, was Malcolm Nance, a former military expert on Russian espionage, or so he claims.

He's written a whole book about it called:  The Plot to Hack America: How Putin's Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election.  The book has its very own exhaustive Wikileaks page.

Gee, we wonder who could possibly be paying for all this lavish promotion?

Let's listen in on what passes for 'expert' opinion on MSNBC:

 He even manages to insinuate that congressman Dana Rohrabacher is just a useful idiot for 'Russian Intelligence' because of his recent meeting with Julian Assange.

Other deep state outlets are singing from the same songbook - what a coincidence! Newsweek recently ran this headline:  Charlottesville's Alt-Right Leaders have a Passion for Vladimir Putin.


Here is a tweet Nance has since deleted, urging ISIS to bomb Trump properties in Istanbul, Turkey.



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