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Mounting Evidence Suggests Nikki Haley Has Absolutely No Idea What She's Doing

Washington's most entertaining diplomat probably doesn't even know that she works for Washington

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Most Americans have rewarding careers sitting behind computer desks or McDonald's drive-thru windows—and usually these tenure-track professions end with an OxyContin overdose, a hernia, death, or all three at the exact same time. 

But not everyone is so fortunate. Some people have extremely tedious, soul-crushing jobs. 

<figcaption>Nikki Haley, moments before thinking 'I miss waffles'</figcaption>
Nikki Haley, moments before thinking 'I miss waffles'

Take, as a tragic example, Nikki Haley. As the US ambassador to the United Nations, Haley's only responsibility is to transmit State Department policy to her colleagues at the United Nations. Sometimes she's allowed to transmit State Department policy to a television news host. But that's it. A major, boring bummer. 

Talk about a dead-end job. It's no wonder Nikki Haley consistently breaks ranks with the Trump administration and US foreign policy—you expect her to mindlessly parrot the policies of the country that she represents as a diplomat? Ambassadors are people too, and Ambassador Lives Matter. 

So it comes as no surprise that while Trump has called the "investigation" into his "ties" with Russia a mindless witch hunt, Nikki Haley thinks it's a great idea. 

In yet another sparkling television appearance, Haley told America:

Q: We need the investigation?

A: I think we absolutely need the investigation.

Q: Trump has said the appointment of Robert Mueller divides this country. You disagree with that assessment, you think it’s a good idea?

A: I think that all these questions need to be answered so that the administration can get back to work.

Nice save?


Nikki Haley, gender neutral pronouns and nuclear war: The top three reasons people are preparing for the end times—in that order. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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