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Moscow’s First American University Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

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My name is Anna. I study at Moscow University Touro and work part-time for Russia Insider. When people ask me where I study, they often find my response confusing:

- I study at Moscow University Touro. It’s an American University in Moscow.

<figcaption>The oldest American institution of higher education in Russia</figcaption>
The oldest American institution of higher education in Russia

- So it’s in Russia, but it’s not a Russian University?

Moscow University Touro (MUT) is an independent, non-profit institution of post-secondary and professional education, licensed by the State Department of Education of Moscow, which offers American degree programs. The American accredited university operates in close cooperation and under the supervision of Touro College of New York.

Moscow University Touro derives its name from the Touro family, who were leaders in colonial America and represented the democratic ideals and educational values upon which MUT’s mission is based. Inspired by the democratic ethos enunciated by George Washington at Newport Rhode Island in 1790, the Touro family provided major endowments for universities, as well as the first free library and community health facilities in the United States.

MUT was the first to pave the way for students in Russia to have the opportunity of receiving an American higher education degree in Russia and offers a unique educational experience. The university was established in February 1991 through the signing of an agreement in the Soviet mission to the United Nations, witnessed by the Soviet Ambassador Yuli Vorontsov, United States Ambassador, Thomas Pickering and Dr. Renee Lekach, the long-standing Rector. It was the first time in history that an American institution of higher education would successfully operate in the Soviet Union.

Since 1991, MUT has established a solid record of accomplishment as a leading University in higher education in Russia. Today, MUT offers American accredited Bachelor of Science in Business & Management (BSc) Diplomas, Master of Business Administration in International Business & Finance (MBA) Diplomas, as well as English as a Second Language Program (ESL).

The four year BSc program that I am currently enrolled in follows a standard American Undergraduate Business curriculum, incorporating a liberal arts component. All instruction at MUT is in English. As a Russian student, I can honestly state that at the onset of my studies at Moscow University Touro it was quite challenging to study in English. However, studies which are conducted strictly in English at MUT have provided me an opportunity not simply to improve my English, but to comprehend and to communicate in English. I have already completed courses that have given me knowledge and skills that I use at my job every day such as Marketing Management, Business Ethics, Business Law, Commercial Advertising, and Negotiations. I have also completed exciting courses on Psychology and Philosophy, which have allowed me to gaze at the world from different perspectives.

As for any student, for me it is very important to feel comfortable and secure in the place where I study every day. At MUT, we are a collection of diverse multicultural nationalities and come from various backgrounds. Due to MUT’s compact size and student to professor ratio, the University has become my second home, where the professors and the students are like one extended family where we respect and support each other within a truly global community.

This year is MUT’s 25th Anniversary. For this special date, we, MUT students, made a video:

Below, I proudly relay the inspirational message from the University’s Rector, Dr. Renee Lekach:

“If you are a continuing student, new student or parent, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you personally to Moscow University Touro, the oldest American university in Russia. Your decision to study here, or send your daughter or son to study here, is a critical step in the right direction.

As a student, you will immeasurably expand your academic and intellectual horizon over the next four years. Our goal is to prepare you for a bright future as leaders not only in Russia, but in the larger ever-growing global community. Here, at Moscow University Touro, you will acquire the pertinent tools necessary to function effectively in business, industry, trade, or government. You will also acquire the skills needed to understand and to participate in the rapidly changing world around us. You will also make new friends, build strong, meaningful relationships, and perhaps, even reinvent yourself.

I am so thrilled that you have chosen Moscow University Touro and have thus significantly contributed the success of your future academic prospects and career goals. I wish you only the best of luck for a prosperous and productive year and a brilliant future.”

For more information, please visit MUT’s website:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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