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Moscow Politely Calls BS After US Accuses Assad of Barrel-Bombing Maternity Wards for Fun

Russia's UN Ambassador Petr Iliichev 'corrects the record' after the US tells fairy tales to the Security Council

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Nikki Haley has been busy taking selfies with refugee-orphans during her "Look At Me, I'm a Friendly Soccer Mom" tour of Turkey and Jordan—but luckily Washington found an appropriate substitute to deliver a keynote address to the Security Council about how Russia is helping Assad barrel-bomb children's hospitals. 

During last week's "Open Debate on Protection of Civilians and Medical Care in Armed Conflict", US Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Michele J. Sison paid homage to Nikki Haley with this cartoon depiction of "the Assad regime" and its devious partners in crime—Russia and Iran:

<figcaption>Petr Iliichev</figcaption>
Petr Iliichev

In Syria, the Assad regime – with help from Russia, Iran, and Hizballah – has attacked and destroyed medical facilities in a relentless campaign of destruction. Physicians for Human Rights recorded 108 attacks against medical facilities in 2016 alone. Since the start of Syria’s civil war, the Assad regime and its allies have reportedly been responsible for 90 percent of the 454 attacks on medical facilities. The world witnessed this cruelty during the offensive last year against eastern Aleppo.

Between July and November 2016, the Assad regime reportedly bombed every single hospital in eastern Aleppo, leaving as many as 250,000 civilians with virtually no access to medical care. Some hospitals were attacked by the regime more than once, and Assad’s forces would not even spare maternity wards and children’s hospitals. This Council has heard firsthand from doctors about the horror of treating patients in makeshift basement emergency rooms, where doctors had to retreat to avoid the regime’s indiscriminate attacks. The attacks on medical workers and facilities in Aleppo last year will not be forgotten – a stain on this Council and on the members that refused to stop it.

Double-tapping maternity wards (for fun, we're assuming), destroying every single hospital in eastern Aleppo—yes, these are just a few highlights from Washington's sober analysis of what transpired in Aleppo during its liberation from head-chopping psychopaths in December.

The "last hospital in Aleppo" meme was a lot of fun. As South Front documented:


Obviously, Ambassador Sison forgot to mention that once Aleppo "fell", Assad implemented a tyrannical policy of peaceful secularism:

But we digress. 

Russia's Deputy UN Ambassador Petr Iliichev had a few comments to add to this "open debate":

The modern over-the-counter level of confrontation and politicization in international relations has negative consequences and with regard to the protection of humanitarian and medical personnel.

Against the backdrop of unsubstantiated accusations against Russia, an exemplary example of "double standards" is the almost inconspicuous reaction in December 2016 to the attack of militants on the Russian mobile hospital that provides medical assistance to Syrians. As a result of this blow, two nurses were killed, one doctor was seriously injured.

There was no interest in those who like to raise anti-Russian hype when it was revealed that there were warehouses full of medical supplies in eastern Aleppo, which militants hid from the population suffering from a shortage of medicines.

"Double standards" are clearly manifested in the information coverage of military campaigns in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, other countries, and the actions of the so-called coalition in Syria. Civil facilities, including medical facilities, with frightening regularity are subject to attack, including by these foreign armed forces. The number of deaths resulting from such attacks is estimated in hundreds, if not thousands.

So, in February 2017, as a result of a missile attack on the city of Idlib, the Red Crescent Mission was destroyed, medical equipment was put out of order, and employees were injured. As a result of the attacks of the international coalition in Syria, on 17 and 30 April, 14 civilians were killed in the field hospital in Al-Tabqa.

However, such incidents have been silenced for many years or are presented as "inevitable collateral damage".

The fact that Washington continues to pretend that Nusra-occupied Aleppo was a bastion of human dignity really says a lot about the level of "open debate" at the United Nations. 

Even when Nikki Haley is busy kissing babies in Turkey, Washington still finds a way to lower the bar at the Security Council. 

Impressive, really. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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