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Moscow Bewildered as US, Canada, and Ukraine Reject UN Resolution Condemning Nazi Glorification

And people still wonder why the Ukrainian government continues to be dogged by its Nazi links

Originally appeared at RT

A UN General Assembly committee has passed a resolution “combating glorification of Nazism,” with 126 countries voicing their support. Meanwhile, the US, Ukraine and Canada voted “against,” raising eyebrows. Moscow has called the decision “regrettable.”

The resolution, which was initially proposed by Russia and co-authored by 52 states, including Brazil, China, India, and Kazakhstan, deals with measures to fight the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other practices that facilitate the escalation of modern forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance.

It condemns any denial of the Holocaust, as well as any form of glorification of the Nazi movement, including honoring former members of the Waffen SS organization. The document also expresses concern over the installation of memorials related to Nazism and “unending attempts to desecrate or destroy the monuments to those who fought against Nazism during World War II.”

The vote was held at the UN General Assembly’s so-called Third Committee on social, humanitarian and cultural issues. The full General Assembly is scheduled to vote on the resolution later, during the 70th session.

A total of 126 member-states supported the resolution, while four countries — the US, Canada, Palau, and Ukraine – voted against it. Another 53 countries, including the European Union nations and NATO members abstained from the vote.

The four votes against the resolution raised questions, with Russia stating that it finds the decision of those countries to reject the resolution “bewildering” and “regrettable.” 

Last year, 115 countries voted in support of a similar resolution, with three countries voting against – the US, Canada, and Ukraine.

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