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Moscow Is Basically a Giant Street Party Right Now #WorldCup (Video)

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The biggest party in the world is just getting started in Moscow. Here are some clips:

Argentinians and Brazilians:

Mexicans and Peruvians:

(Just for a minute, then there is the obligatory ((( globo-homo ))) media BS about Russia's 'reputation problems')

This is extraordinary, a huge number of fans from Iceland (pop. 300,000) showed up. Looks like about half the country is there. Their Viking discipline is impressive:

Brazilians in the metro:

One of 100s of parties going on in the pubs in Moscow:

French fans in Kazan:

A massive crowd of Peruvians marching to the stadium in the provincial town of Saransk:

The Brits are just starting to show up, once they are there in force, vodka-fueled hell will likely break out:

Here they are on their home turf, singing their favorite anthem:

Here they are in St. Etienne, France singing the same song:

Here are the Saudis whooping it up:

Here's some cool aerial drone footage of modern Moscow:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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