Moldova Switches Sides, President Proclaims New Alliance with Moscow (VIDEO)

Moldova's interests 'cannot be protected or promoted outside strategic partnership with the Russian Federation,' says the country's new president

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Let's call this Vicky Nuland's slap in the face on her way out the door. 

Washington's trans-atlantic empire suffered a blow this week when Moldova's newly elected president, Igor Dodon, announced his country's re-alignment toward Russia in a joint press conference held with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

What a sad day this must be for the neocons, the transatlanticists, the globalists, the Victoria Nulands and George Soroses of the world. While they can't have spent nearly as much money in Moldova as they did brainwashing and overthrowing Ukraine ($5 billion according to Vicky), they have surely invested a lot in attempting to pull Moldova into Washington's Euro-Atlantic sphere. 

Now it's all for naught. It turns out, you can't really erase history, culture, tradition, language, and family ties easily, even with billion-dollar re-education programs. The same will eventually prove true in Ukraine. Those Moldovans who are of Romanian extraction, have seen how poorly Romania has faired in the EU and as a US NATO vassal. Those of Russian heritage never supported to move toward Washington and Brussels in the first place. 

Now, finally, they have a president who represents their interests. This is not the kind of democracy the globalists like to see. 

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