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Michael McFaul Is the Reason I Tell People I'm From Canada (Video)

This is exactly why the world has lost all respect for the United States

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Embarrassing video recently surfaced of US Ambassador Michael McFaul, during his stint as moron-in-chief at the US propaganda, espionage and subversion bureau in Moscow (otherwise known as the US embassy). 

Granted, it's not hard to find embarrassing video of US diplomats - just grab any old State Department briefing recording to uncover a treasure trove of dignified idiocy. 

But McFaul took it a step further by trolling Russian students about things made in the USA. 

It is routine for US diplomats to lower themselves intellectually to the level of kindergarten bullies, but this is the first time I have seen one lower himself physically to that level as well. 

There is so much wrong with this. First of all, it goes without saying that this behavior is beneath the dignity of an ambassador. Not to mention a grown man.

Second, McFaul is not even correct that the items are "ours" - the iPhone is "designed in California." That is a really classy way of saying it is produced for pennies by virtual slave-labor in China - enabling Apple to amass $181 billion in offshore accounts dodging US taxes. 

Another great example of American capitalism to showcase to the world, Michael.

Then McFaul tried to do the same with the computer sitting in front of him, but it must have suddenly dawned on him that virtually all computers are made in China.

What about the Windows operating system? Produced by Microsoft, a fine American company everybody loves (right?). Except I wouldn't be surprised if the actual DVD-ROM and box holding the software were again produced - in China.

What exactly was McFaul's point? Probably that "Russia doesn't make anything" - a ridiculous claim made by his ignorant boss President Obama. 

In fact, Russia produces plenty, and in increasing quality. Russia still has its own manufacturing base - unlike the US, which has seen it shipped off to China. The only thing America really makes Micheal, is weapons and US dollars - and I wouldn't be surprised if the paper they're printed on came from China.

There was a time with the United States fed the USSR. Now Russia is No. 1 in the world in wheat production, overtaking the US. McFaul has absolutely nothing to brag about. Believe me, to Russians he looks like a total fool.

American so-called "leaders" like McFaul are the reason half the time I tell Russians I'm from Canada. It's not that they'd behave aggressively or treat me poorly for being American - Russians know how to separate nationality from politics.

It's just I'd rather be taken for a wimp, than an idiot. 

As morons like McFaul multiply and general imbecility and plain immaturity infuses itself into the core of what America stands for, I might find myself becoming a wimpy Canadian full time. 

At least Russians will consider me formidable at hockey.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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