Melania and Putin's Long Dinner Chat - Russian TV Loved It (Video)

When Melania met Vladimir ...

What were they talking about?

Russians are generally relieved that relations haven't been derailed by what they call 'American political schizophrenia'.

A lesser president might have been intimidated by the fierceness of the campaign.  The world is lucky that Trump survived the school of Manhattan real estate - next to that, the depredations of panty-waists like Comey must not impress.

This Russian news report about Melania's role trying to end the meeting that dragged on forever and her subsequent dinner with Putin gives an interesting view on how Russians view the meeting.

That Melania was seated next to Putin has been little noticed, but to us it seems significant.  Surely this was a deliberate move by Trump to further solidify the relationship.  Melania likely had talking points prepared, perhaps making it clear that once all the American political silliness dies down, serious work is going to get done.



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