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Battle of Aleppo Will Be Over Soon - Lyin' Mainstream Media In Denial

IMO the Battle of East Aleppo will be over soon.  R+6 is carving up what is left of the pocket like a Christmas "Turkey" (Heh! Heh!).  The Sheikh Sa'eed neighborhood at the south end of the kessel fell today, and a massive drive westward is underway from the area of Aleppo International Airport toward the citadel of Aleppo. 

At the same time the Tiger Forces and Palestinian militia are pressing south from the lines they held yesterday along the east-west highway at the "waist" of the former East Aleppo pocket.  IMO the pocket will be gone in a few days.

At the same time civilians are fleeing to government lines en masse where they are transported to reception camps and provided food, water, shelter and medical care.  The Russians have been moving mobile field hospitals into the Aleppo area to provide more capacity.

The lying US and European media are, of course, portraying the situation as something very different.  In Mediaworld, the people of east Aleppo are fleeing from the government.  I ask you, pilgrims, to what place would civilians be fleeing in trying to escape the government?  The east Aleppo pocket is entirely surrounded by government allied force.  Evidently a lot of media halfwits cannot read a map.   The statement is also made in Mediaworld that there is a shortage of drinking water in east Aleppo.  There is no mention in Mediaworld of the rebels' use of drinking water as an instrument for reward and punishment of civilians.  There is also no mention of the SAA's capture of the city water works a couple of days ago and their ongoing efforts to turn the water back on.

Someone should explain to Madeleine Albright what the actual situation is in Syria.

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