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McCain: Russia Is a Gas Station - Not a Country; Putin an Aggressive, Corrupt, Gambler (Video)

The sage of Phoenix weighs in with his unique view of international relations

Originally appeared at Delovaya Odessa. Translated by Kristina Rus at Fort Russ

It is a shame that the States do not arm Ukraine, which became a victim of Russian aggression, said senator John McCain at a briefing after the meeting with the Governor of Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, who arrived in Odessa for an official visit. 

"For us, Americans, it is a shame that we can't provide modern weapons to Ukrainians who are leading this uneven battle with the Russians" - he said, expressing admiration for the brave people of Ukraine who faced Russian aggression.


McCain also remembered about Maidan, stressing that for him it was an honor to see how Ukrainians rose up against a corrupt and evil government. 

"Now the task for all of us is that aspirations and goals of  Maidan are realized. It is very important that in Ukraine continues the process of reforms and combating corruption," - he said. 

Senator during his working visit to Odessa again criticized Russia for aggression, and stated that after the fall in oil prices, Moscow will have problems. 

Answering the question, what would he say if he met Russian President Vladimir Putin, McCain said: "We know Mr. Putin as a man who loves to bully the weak. I've often said that Russia is a gas station pretending to be a country." 

"To a large extent their (the Russian - ed.) economy depends on oil. The oil price will keep falling and he will face difficulties in the country. If I saw Putin, who imposed sanctions on me, I'd thank him for it, as I consider these sanctions an honor for the support of Ukraine. I would tell him that he's on the wrong side of history. Sooner or later his aggression, gambles, corruption and other shenanigans will come to an end", - concluded the politician.

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