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Cuckservatives-in-Chief McCain and Graham Decry Trump's Peace Policy, Demand Conflict with Russia

The two best-friends-forever are determined to go down whining 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

On Sunday, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham were interviewed by accommodating fake journalist (you know, the ones who produce fake news and refuse to ask critical questions) Chuck Todd for "Meet the Press." (link to transcript - video below) 

This dynamic duo has joined forces in order to use their combined powers to defeat two of the most sinister villains in the world today - Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. 

Below you will find some of their more outrageous claims and pronouncements from their pathetic presentation on Sunday, along with some brief comments. 


I believe our intelligence leaders, General Clapper and Admiral Rogers who testified before the Armed Services Committee are credible people and well respected. General Clapper I think had 53 years of experience in the intelligence business. And yes, intelligence authorities have made mistakes in the past and have been wrong in the past. But what they're saying is there's a long history of Russian attempts to affect the outcome of our election.

So in other words, yes Clapper has "made mistakes" i.e. flat out lied about Iraq, and the intelligence agencies professionally lie for a living, but this time you should totally believe them because this time it's different. 


You know, here's the deal for me. I think he's worried that inquiring into what Russia did in the election is going to undermine his credibility and his legitimacy. Quite frankly, I haven't heard any Democrat at all of prominence say that we doubt that Donald Trump won.

Putin's not the reason that Clinton lost and Trump won. I don't think anybody's saying that. So Mr. President-elect, that's not what we're trying to do. 

Gee, really? Hmm, okay. So far, so good. 

No doubt in my mind that Russians interfered, that John Podesta's emails were hacked by the Russians, not some 14-year-old kid or 300-pound guy, and that the DNC was compromised by the Russians. And it seems pretty clear to me that WikiLeaks got it from the Russians. It didn't affect the outcome, but they tried to interfere in our election.

So which one is it Lindsey - the Russians tried to interfere, or they did interfere? If they did interfere, how is Donald Trump's legitimacy not brought into question? If they only tried to interfere, (but weren't able to), then what the hell are you crying about?

So despite the fact Podesta has the dumbest staffers imaginable who told him to give his password to a phishing scam, and despite the fact that his password was "[email protected]" - there's just no way anybody but a sophisticated state intelligence agency could pull this off. Right. 

Sen. Graham continued:

Let me say this: if after having been briefed by our intelligence leaders, Donald Trump is still unsure as to what the Russians did, that would be incredibly unnerving to me because the evidence is overwhelming. All I'm asking him is to acknowledge that Russia interfered, and push back.

Graham is a damn liar. The evidence is virtually nonexistent, and what evidence there is, is so obviously intended to frame the Russians, that it is laughable. Nowhere in this interview do Graham or McCain make mention of the details of the so-called "overwhelming" evidence. And so-called "journalist" Chuck Todd declines to question them on it.

So if after being briefed by the lying state-sanctioned mafia...err....CIA, sorry -- if after being briefed by all these intel agencies Trump still doesn't want to start World War III with Russia, Graham is going to be "unnerved." He may start sweating profusely, rapidly fanning himself and maybe even swoon and faint from shock. (Hopefully a gentleman will be standing nearby.)

And here's what I'm going to do with Senator McCain. We're going to introduce sanctions that are bipartisan, that go beyond the sanctions we have today against Russia, that will hit them in the financial sector and the energy sector where they're the weakest.

Trump will veto any further sanctions, guaranteed. And so will the US-European energy sector, and the whole European business community and many governments, which will refuse to join. So yeah, good luck with that. 


It isn't just elections that they are hacking into. It is across the board, including military secrets that we have, including the ability to shut down satellites, including the ability to shut down power plants. I mean, they can do grave danger to the United States of America. We never tried to do anything like that.

Right, the USA would never do anything like that. The USA would also never conduct assassinations, arrange coups, execute blockades on food and medicine, and carry out unprokoved assaults and invasions of other sovereign states. Certainly nothing like that. 

I wish that [Trump] could have gone with me to Ukraine... to Mariupol, and met with the brave Ukrainians that are serving.

[The Russians] have slaughtered Ukrainians. They have dismembered a country. And I don't think they are through. And they've done so in violation of all international norms of behavior. And they're putting strains on the post-World War II new world order, the likes of which we've never seen.

Donald Trump has done better than that, John. He has been briefed by Paul Manafort, who was advisor to the democratically elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who you helped overthrow in a bloody massacre - which led to a bloody civil war you want to keep escalating by providing more weapons to an extremist coup regime whose members have stated repeatedly they want to carry out genocide.

But you did the same thing in Syria didn't you Johnny? All in a day's work I guess. Only 500,000 dead there.

And heaven help us should the Russians throw a wrench into the New World Order. How dare they? 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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