McAfee Antivirus Founder Devastates FBI Report, Says Russia DID NOT Hack the DNC (Video)

'The most deceptive propaganda to date was perpetrated on the American public'

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Fresh off reports that the FBI never even accessed the DNC's computers before it accused Russia of hacking,  John McAfee the founder of world famous McAfee anti-virus has delivered a devastating rebuke to the claims being made against Russia in mainstream media.

Accusations that that the Kremlin hacked into the DNC's servers in an effort to defeat Hillary Clinton are totally ridiculous, McAfee said in an interview with RT.

The cyber security expert deconstructed point-by-point the DHS/FBI "Grizzly Steppe report" purporting to document Russia's hacking. McAfee was very confident no state-run hacking operation - certainly not one run by Russia - would make the incredibly stupid and obvious mistakes alleged in the report, such as using a Russian IP address and Russian language.

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