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Max Blumenthal Tells Tucker Carlson: Russia Hysteria Will Come Back to Haunt Progressives

Long after Trump is gone Russia scandal-mongering will still be around to attack progressives who raise their voices against the permanent warfare state

Max Blumenthal is a lefty US journalist who should be fairly well-known to Russia Insider readers, particularly seeing we've reprinted him a couple of times.

Yesterday he had a great appearance on Tucker Carlson's show who remains one of the few sane voices on the "Russiagate" nothing-burger on American cable television.


Blumenthal told Tucker he expected the Democrats to oppose Trump on progressive issues like economic equality and opposition to permanent war. Instead he says, they've latched onto the Russiagate scandal-mongering as a way to "oppose Trump without having to do anything progressive".

Aside from serving to sideline any progressive Democratic agenda under Trump, Blumenthal believes Russia-baiting is here to stay and will come back to haunt progressives in a major way:

"When Trump is gone this narrative, this Russia hysteria will be repurposed by the establishment to attack the left and anyone on the left, Bernie Sanders-like politician who steps out of line on the issues of permanent war or corporate trade—things like that—will be painted as Russia puppets."

"So this is very dangerous. People who are progressive, who are falling into it, need to know what the long term consequence of this cynical narrative are."

We can't disagree with Blumenthal here. If Trump, a construction mogul with $4 billion in the bank, can be red-baited as a Russia-understander, imagine only how vulnerable actual lefties are.

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