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Videos Show Non-Violent Protesters Murdered in Odessa Massacre

A detailed look at the massacre rellies on video evidence to argue the people murdered on that day were peaceful protesters distinct from the group of younger protesters which had clashed with Maidan supporters earlier in the day

This article originally appeared at Seemorerocks

Full length HD video of the entire siege of Odessa by Ukrainian Nationalists and The Right SectorThe US and EU media intentionally muddied the waters by claiming that the victims who were primarily middle aged and elderly women and men at the Trade Union Building stage/tent display were the same people that fought violent street battles in downtown Odessa against the Right Sector.

The video linked above shows that these were two entirely different groups and the people who were burnt alive, tossed from windows, beaten, strangled, shot and even raped were actually peaceful protesters that barricaded themselves inside the Odessa Trade Union Building after they heard that the Right sector Neo-Nazis were advancing on their protest encampment in large numbers after fighting and beating an entirely different group of ethnic Russian Ukrainian protesters downtown. The 4th video posted below proves this fact as it clearly shows the mostly elderly and middle aged ethnic Russian Ukrainian women and men attempt to gather their things and protect themselves from the soon to be arriving hordes of extremely violent youth.

Take a look around the tents....see the flowers and nice signage...see the organization that went into that...the people that put up those tents, placed those flowers and made those signs were the good people of Odessa (who simply had Anti-Maidan views), they wanted to hang on to their city the way it was.....those people were then pelted with molotov cocktails, beaten and terrorized, at least one was raped and another, who was pregnant, was strangled while most were burned to death.

Go to the 2:29 mark to see the Right sector moving through the crowd on their way to murder.

Go to the 4:08 mark to see the children (most of them are under 26) performing the "Sieg Heil" Nazi salute with their right arms raised and palms outstretched.

Go to the 4:50 mark to see the newly government issued military helmets and uniforms that don't fit very well on the Right sector thugs.

Go to the 19:32 mark to witness their "leader" talking to the Odessa chief of police while attempting to get authorization from higher up to have the go ahead to attack the Trade Union Building group of protesters. This call is made right before the siege upon the building.

Go to the 46:31 mark to see teen girls making molotov cocktails to throw at the elderly people in the building.

At the 1:08:13 mark we see the large mass of violent young thugs running towards the Trade Unions Building after having overrun the separate group of ethnic Russian Ukrainian protesters downtown. This is the moment of obvious disparity when it comes to US and EU media coverage. This moment separates who the victims were from who the US media stated that they were. This moment also defines who is the aggressors. It is obvious that the killers of the men and women in the Odessa trade Union building are indeed these Right Sector youth and Ukrainian far right nationalists who are backed by the United States and the European Union.

Finally, go to the 1:12:36 mark to see the little boy and his mother in the window of the building that these nazi bastards are setting fire to.

This next video shows the Right Sector holding a "fascist victory rally" after they just burned people alive.

At the 5:44 mark in the video....the speaker can be clearly heard calling the victims inside "Colorado Beetles"...this is Right Sector language used to dehumanize the victims and imply they must be stamped out...a typical fascist technique to refer to victims as "animals or insects" thereby dehumanizing them. It was used heavily during the Rwanda genocide when referring to victims as "Cockroaches". 2) At the exact 6:10 mark hands are raised with closed fists as they emit a unified shout. Once again typical fascist behavior.

3) At the 6:14 mark...they once again raise fists and shout a different unified shout (unified shouting implies they have been indoctrinated to learn these shouts which is typical, once again, of fascist groups (neo-nazi's that have received indoctrinated training).

Now, please keep in mind that this fascist ritualistic ceremony is taking place right after the siege and burning of the building....the victims are still inside in various poses of death. This is easily proven by the fact that the pictures I link below are taken the very next day, in sunlight. So it is relatively easy to ascertain that while these neo-nazi's, which the US and UK support, are holding their "Victory" rally, that they have no compassion or remorse for the people they just killed....people who include a pregnant woman as shown by the photo evidence I have linked here and a woman who is missing her pants with her legs spread. Graphic warning.

Warning graphic photos: Pictures are of corpses-

The US media also blatantly mislead the American people in regards to the fighting itself and the nature of the fire. A simple glance at the Odessa HD video will prove beyond all doubt that the Right Sector and nationalists that attacked the building met no resistance at the Trade Union Building from the ethnic Russian Ukrainian protesters.....the Right Sector conducted all violence against primarily helpless women, men and even children as can verified by starting the video at the 1:08:14 mark. This all took place while the police looked on, as is clear to see from watching the video.

The day after the massacre the Kyiv Post publishes the take that will be taken up by western media like the BBC: Police say pro-Russians accidentally set fatal Odessa fire with Molotov cocktails

Only a week after The Odessa Massacre an american CiFer, ex-marine, has gathered links and slaved through hours and hours of video - he, practically, has done what the journalists were supposed to do, - to prove the Guardian, BBC and the rest were attempting to whitewash the atrocities. Check his posts:

Additional proof that the BBC and the mainstream Western press lied when they said both sides threw the molotov's. Here's what he wrote:

I looked for 5 hours searching for one video that showed anyone in the building throwing a molotov cocktail as the BBC first reported and the rest of the MSM went along with. I could not find a single one. They claimed a person named Serhiy (what are the odds of that) told them a person threw the molotov inside the building and didn't realize the window was closed. This is absolutely ludicrous and an example of the pathetic reporting that passes for "news" these days.

I did find the video of the third floor fire starting. It is at the following link and runs consecutively. You'll notice at exactly the 2 minute mark the camera zooms in on the window where the fire begins. You'll also notice that at the 2:02 mark you see an additional molotov cocktail just miss the window. This is strong evidence that the window was being targeted by individuals on the ground. Prior to this fire starting there is no other fire on the third floor, therefore this is most likely the cause of the third floor fire and lends credence to the fact that the violent youth below burned those people alive.

Now witness how the BBC obfuscated the truth and contrived a false narrative to be foisted upon their readers and viewers.

Here's a link to the BBC article that quotes a random individual named Serhiy and provides no evidence whatsoever to corroborate or back up this 'Serhiy's' story.

BBC's deceptive excerpt: But Serhiy said he saw someone "on the third floor throw a Molotov cocktail through the closed window. However, the glass didn't break and a fire started inside". People struggled to get out of the smoke-filled floor.

And here's more

Now take a look at this little seen video of close ups of the victims before they were killed. They are without a doubt non-violent people and are definitely not the same group as the downtown group the US and UK media associated them with. They are mainly women and men, many middle aged and elderly. They are at the 6:35 mark and the 14:42 mark. The Right Sector start descending upon the group at the 15:23 mark. As proven above one of these peaceful protesters was a little boy. It is for him that I post this thread his memory.

Link to additional thread of comprehensive video and photo evidence on this subject.

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