Maria Zakharova: A Spokeswoman for Sanity

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has made a career out of deep-frying western baloney

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Maria Zakharova is a passionate and outspoken modern woman. She is also the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

She recently appeared on Russian Television in a telling and revealing interview describing what passed for diplomacy by the US State Department at the UN under the Presidency of Barack Obama.

<figcaption>Maria Zakharova, moments before shredding another State Department lie</figcaption>
Maria Zakharova, moments before shredding another State Department lie

It's not very often that the normal person in the street gets to hear what transpires behind the closed doors of world diplomacy so, her revelations are quite an insight.

In Sept 2015, Russia announced their intentions to fight alongside the Syrian Government against the Islamic State terrorists in Syria and invited the countries of the world to unite and fight with them against this world threat.

Zakharova recorded many of the Diplomatic meetings from October 2015 and, what she revealed, explains the anti Russian hate we've seen from western politicians and media since that time.

The Russian Diplomats were warned by the US Diplomats that if Russia went ahead and assisted Syria's Assad, Russia would 'be in a world of hurt and discover what real pain is.'

This was their direct warning.

The US clearly spelled out to the Russians that, whatever good work that they did in Syria or, any positive results they achieved in reality, would be manipulated by a professional media company to cancel out their real results and, turn them around to make it look like they are the real cause of the problem.

For instance, they were told, "Are you going to fight the Terrorists? You'll be made to look like the Terrorists! You'll be made to look like the aggressor!"

The Diplomatic threats were made at the highest levels of the Diplomatic Corps and not only once but, numerous times.

Zakharova seemed aghast that this is what constituted for diplomacy via the elite members of the most advanced Democracies in the world.

She claimed that serious questions about ISIS and Syria's future that were posed by the Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, were continually blocked in the UN Security Council by these same Diplomats.

Zakharova claims absolute collusion with the western media by these powerful people which, shows the level of control they wield over the western world media.

She said as the campaign in Syria progressed and, ISIS's advance was halted, the warnings turned into threats.

Once the precision bombing of the Russian Air Force, as well as the number of sorties they could fly daily became apparent, their language became more aggressive.

She said, "Now threats were being voiced, not just by fellow Diplomats but, by members of the State Department and the White House itself."

What had been said behind closed doors was now being stated publicly.

State Department Spokesman John Kirby said at this time, "Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft."

Zakharova viewed that statement as a direct threat by Kirby and suggested, that Kirby was possibly giving a direct order to the ISIS militants. She wrote on her Facebook page at the time,

"Is that a go get em command?"

She claimed that Kirby's statement insinuated that the US had direct control over the insurgents and that they were directing them.

The following tactic by the US and the shill western allies was the call by oafish British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, for people to rally outside Russian Embassies and protest.

She said he wasn't the only one who called for this but he was the only one in the public eye.

She went on to say that these anti-Russian programs were supported by the other western states ministries either financially or, by other creative means.

Zakharova insisted that the real attacks were not those who answered the call to protest in front of Russian Embassies but, the continued ISIS attacks against the Russian Embassy in Damascus zeroing in with large mortars. Once again, the assumption was left to the listener of the possibility that the US was directing these attacks in retribution.

She stated that all these provocations went on until Dec 2016 with the death of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov.

She claimed that Obama's Administration was viewed by other world diplomats as a subject of disgust and say's that his administrations attitude of exclusivity, served to send one message to the rest of the world which was, "That the most powerful military force has unlimited rights to create evil in the world".

She then reiterated in disbelief, "Let me say that again. They demonstrated the belief that the strongest has the right to create evil. This is not the middle ages but the 21st century!" she exclaimed.

You can watch this revealing interview with Maria Zakharova here.

Vaughan Famularo is an Australian writer, speaker and musician. He's happily married and is the father of 4 children.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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