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‘Make Love AND War’ - The Perfect Slogan For Washington’s New Reality

“Make love, while making war” – I’d like to suggest this as a new American slogan for the XXI Century, the slogan that ushers in a new reality:  tree-hugging, NPR-listening, granola eaters in bed with McCain's war-mongering neocons -- all united in their anger at Russia and Russia's man in Washington.

And it is not just Trump. Everyone who challenges the Washington consensus and wants to introduce some fresh thinking into business as usual is the subject of this double attack from both extreme right and extreme left.

<figcaption>Now we can all be friends</figcaption>
Now we can all be friends

Trump’s candidate for the top diplomatic job, Rex Tillerson? A dream come true for the right: a realist, a pragmatic, businessman, an oilman—yet, he is vehemently attacked for his ties to Russia of course. Experienced, educated, hard working, a diplomatic person, a man of principles and legality? Yet, the left screams bloody murder as well – fossil fuel, environment, Russia? Not acceptable.

In this day when neocon policies seem be defeated on all fronts, from Syria to Ukraine, to US elections, it is still surprising to witness the liberals bending over backwards to prop up this neoconservative agenda.

Are they trying to suggest that regardless of whether you are a bleeding heart liberal, upset by the loss of your Politically Correct Warmonger in a skirt, or a red-blooded neocon who needs to show those Ruskies who’s boss -- that it is our patriotic duty to stand together, and show the world that if there is anything that unites all Americans, it is the hatred of Russia and its assertive and aggressive leader, who dares to defy America’s myopic and destructive policies.

Let's show the world a true example of American superiority. Let’s show the international community, that that we, the people, are willing to see our jobs leaving the cities, our bankers screwing us out of our houses, our boys and girls sent to kill and be killed overseas to promote a neocon agenda, our elite 1% thriving in Washington while milking the system – we are willing to fasten our belts and put up with all these hardship as long as our smooth-talking leaders show those Russians their place.

How dare they to hack our computer systems that we deliberately left exposed?  How dare they to reveal to the world, that half a million of State Department emails can be located on the same computer as the naked penis of US congressman?  How dare they harbor courageous whistleblowers, like Snowden, whom we want to send to Guantanamo where he could entertain himself playing computer games with Chelsea Manning?

Indeed, we need a different person in the White House, who will be willing to make neocons and neoliberals great again. Let’s therefore, forget our party differences and all other dividing issues. There is only one issue at hand, let's deal with it together.

And if Americans – in anger, start a civil war, or if Russians - in anger - drop a couple of their brand-new Satan IIs on Texas (from what I understand, even one can take care of Texas, but Russians were never good at math and even worse at computers) - if they dare to do that, we'll say, to those who are still alive: "Moderation in the pursuit of Russophobia is no virtue."

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