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Maidan 3.0 Begins...And Then Is Destroyed by Right Sector Goons

Pro-Democracy police look on as Right Sector tears up a budding Maidan 3.0 tent city

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This is almost beyond belief. Ukrainians once again began camping out at Maidan:


Only this time they were attacked by the same group that used the previous Maidan to seize power:

Unidentified assailants wearing balaclavas assaulted and destroyed a tent camp set up on Sunday by protesters on Kiev’s landmark Maidan Square. Activists at the camp had been calling on the Ukrainian President to report on progress since taking office.

The attack happened late Sunday evening, when a gang stormed the activist camp, forcefully removing tents and dispersing protesters.

Do Ukrainians realize that all of their suffering and sacrifice over the last year has been for nothing?


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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