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Macron Boasts He, Trump and May “Separated the Russians and the Turks”. The Turks Beg to Differ

Ankara "expects statements befitting of a president", advises Macron to become more serious

Macron has defended Trump’s strikes on Syria he participated in with 8 missiles saying they had the benefit of driving a wedge between Russia and Turkey (seeing how one rhetorically condemned and the other welcomed them:

Among other things, the French president claimed that the operation drove Turkey and Russia apart. “With those strikes we have separated the Russians and the Turks on this. The Turks condemned the chemical weapons,” he told the BFM television channel.

Turkey through its FM first denied its differences on Trump’s fireworks show had affected its level of closeness to Russia:

“The French president said Turkey and Russia have been separated because of the airstrikes. This is not true. We have differences of opinion, but our relations with Russia are too strong for the French president to sever,” he assured.

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Then advised Macron to grow up and become serious as Ankara “expected statements befitting of a president”:


“I would suggest that Macron was more serious on such issues,” Cavusoglu added.

Daily Sabah:

But Çavuşoğlu said Macron was mistaken in his assessment and said that Ankara “expected statements befitting of a president” and should express himself “more seriously.”

That’s diplo-speak for “Jesus, that dude, tell him to grow up already.”

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