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Macron Begs Russia Not to Retaliate Against French Syria Strikes

Wants Moscow to know strikes would "not be intended to harm Damascus allies"

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The French boy-president says he is discussing bombing Syria with Washington and London. Actually last year Macron drew a red line saying any use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government side (which in practice means any allegation with enough media oomph) would automatically trigger a direct French military intervention.

<figcaption>What is Macron doing pleading for understanding and restraint from allies of "animal" Assad?</figcaption>
What is Macron doing pleading for understanding and restraint from allies of "animal" Assad?

Even so the visibly nervous Macron is now begging Moscow to please understand that any French strikes would not be aimed at Russians but would have the sole aim of allowing Macron to stand by Trump:

The French leader added that any action would not be intended to harm government allies, who include Russia:

“In no case will the decision we take be intended to harm the regime’s allies, or anyone else, but to attack the chemical capacity of the regime, if the decision is taken.”

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The obvious question is if Macron is so unsure of the strikes he is deliberating on why even order them? The best guarantee that Syria’s allies won’t respond is not to attack Syria.

But of course if Assad is such a monster then so are his allies for standing by him so why is Macron reassuring them and asking for their restraint?

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