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Lying State Dept Rep Caught Like a Deer in the Headlights on Russian Harassment Claim (Video)

The United States claims Russia is harassing its diplomats. But Russian TV shows exactly what kind of 'harassment' they receive 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The US State Department's latest spokesgirl is clearly way in over her head. 

Elizabeth Trudeau was standing in for John Kirby on June 27th, laying out Washington's claims that Russia is systematically bullying and harassing US diplomats. But I swear, I have never seen a more nervous wreck. 

She seemed so intimidated by the reporters' requests for details about Russia's alleged harassment that her voice was trembling. Of course, she had no details to give - the United States never does. You are supposed to believe what it says on faith alone - democracy is a religion after all.

You know, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Russian army in Ukraine, and all that.

But you almost feel sorry for the poor girl stuck there with no idea how to defend the empire's lies. It's kind of hard to make John Kirby look professional, but she certainly did that. 

When asked about Russia's claims of American harassment, all she could do was robotically repeat, "Russia's claims are without foundation."

What kind of harassment has Russia subjected US diplomats to? Last weekend I wrote about a pathetic CIA fail where an officer tried to storm the embassy entrance and got owned. It did appear to some that the Russian guard was too quick to resort to physical force. However Russian media reports make clear that CIA man was wearing a mask. 

The mask changes the situation. The guard had an obligation to assume a masked man quickly approaching the embassy represented a threat, and to act accordingly.

Nevertheless, this is one of the "incidents of harassment" of US diplomats the State Department is whining about. The above video details additional incidents of "harassment" of US diplomats in Russia. In fact, they are not real US diplomats, but CIA spies abusing diplomatic immunity - including by driving around Russia while intoxicated.

Had the guard failed to react so quickly to the man at the embassy door, doubtless the US would complain that Russia is failing to provide adequate security for the US embassy. 

Poor Ms. Trudeau can only tremble and shake as she tries to defend the indefensible before the world's press. Lying with a cool, confident smile is clearly something she'll have to learn if she hopes to stay in her job.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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