It's a Good Thing Russia Always Lies

Luckily we know with an absolute certainty that Russians are always liars. If we didn't, we might have think about some really uncomfortable things

Notably, this pro-Russian story recently appeared in Famiglia Christiana, a traditional Italian Catholic newspaper. This paper goes back to the 1930s!  No need to wonder whose side Pope Francis is on!
Translated from Italian by Svetlana Kyrzhaly and Rhod Mackenzie

Imagine how worried we would be if we thought the US really had helped Turkey help ISIS.  Luckily, we know the Russians always lie. And therefore, any information coming from Russia is a lie.

If this were not the case, we’d have to believe that Turkey, to which Ms. Mogherini (the Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and “Security” Policy) is allocating €3 billion to help it control borders and prevent the flow of Syrian refugees to Europe, is using its border with Syria to do business with the jihadists whose attacks are creating the Syrian refugees! With this wonderful system, Turkey milks one tragedy four ways: buying oil and antiquities from ISIS; selling it weapons and other equipment, allowing foreign mercenaries to cross the border, and finally, forcing Europe to pay millions to prevent the refugees from coming to us!

The Empire of Evil has provided photographs and testimonies. And people visiting Iraqi Kurdistan have seen hundreds of trucks going to Turkey every day, filled with "illicit" oil that Kurdistan could have sold via the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, but chose to sell it on its own. (Hisham al-Brifkani, chairman of the Iraqi Energy Committee in Nineveh, stated that ISIS was smuggling as much as 10 thousand barrels per day into Turkey, while other experts refer to a potential of 250 thousand barrels per day.)

Fortunately, none of this matters because since it’s being reported by the Empire of Evil, and thus can only be a lie. But how reassured should we be that Turkey and ISIS are friends? When Turkey shoots down a Russian plane, as if it had been attacked, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama says "Turkey has the right to protect its borders," yet when Russia shows pictures of the traffic at the border, Obama says "Turkey doesn’t have anything to do with this.”

If we didn’t know that the Empire of Evil always lies, we might think Obama is lying. And that he supports the friends of terrorists. That Obama, who pretends to be fighting ISIS, in fact allows them to receive all kinds of military supplies, mainly from Turkey, but also from the Persian Gulf monarchies that continue to supply arms and money to the jihadists.

We might even think the Pentagon’s satellites are defective. If a Russian plane explodes over Sinai, in a couple of hours they can tell you exactly what happened. But if very long columns of trucks cross the desert (as when armored vehicles and trucks with fighters criss crossed the desert towards Palmyra for hours), they don’t see anything: a miracle of technology!

It’s really lucky that we know the Empire of Evil always lies. And what a relief to know that NATO is there to keep it in check. A military alliance that says nothing about Turkey’s machinations, the transit of weapons and foreign fighters into Syria, but can down planes to provoke military action by Ukraine or inviting Montenegro to join NATO….

If we didn’t know that the Empire of Evil always lies, imagine how worried we’d have to be!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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