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Looks Like Hillary Clinton Just Staged Her First Post-Election Photo Op. So Funny. So Sad.

Basically incapable of being a normal human, even after losing the election. Maybe she really is a space reptile?

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In keeping with her long, well-documented history of acting like a space lizard from a faraway reptile galaxy, Hillary Clinton was "spotted" quietly strolling through the woods with Bill, which is what they always do on Thursdays, especially on Thursdays after losing everything they worked so hard to steal. That's what you humans do, right? Walk in the woods with your so-called "spouses"? Computing ... beep beep. Affirmative, Hillary can do that:

A woman with her daughter and their dog spotted Hillary and Bill Clinton taking a post-election walk through the woods near their home in Chappaqua, New York. The woman in the photo, Margot Gerster, spoke with CNN's Erin Burnett.

<figcaption>Pure chance.</figcaption>
Pure chance.

Sounds innocent enough, right? One small problem: That random American mom has met Clinton before, and when she retells her "totally by chance" meeting with Hillary in the woods, it sounds completely contrived:

If you can't read the Facebook text, here it is: An old photo with Gerster and Clinton, which Gerster posted on Election Day. A friend asks "when was this?" And Margot replies: "Back in a fundraiser my mom hosted."

And here's how Gerster retells her chance encounter with Clinton, just two days later:

Yes….it was chance, and kind of amazing. Like, I literally hike that trail almost every day. Um, so this is sort of incredible, to just randomly run into Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, two days after the election…

First of all: Of course it was by chance. Who would start a story like this with, "Just gotta clear this up, in case you didn't know: It was completely by chance!" Seriously, who would begin a story this incredible — being the first regular citizen to run into Clinton after she conceded the election, and in the woods, no less — with "it was completely by chance!" If you say so?

But then it just gets weirder. First of all, she never mentions that she has met Clinton before, and then struggles to remember exactly what transpired during their second meeting. When Burnett asks what Hillary said to her, Margot trips up:

Umm...I think actually I [inaudible]. You know, I said, I obviously said hello. And um, I said something to her along the lines of, um, all I wanted to do all day yesterday was hug you and tell you how proud I was to bring my daughter with me to vote for you, and, you know, she was very gracious, and she hugged me, and she couldn’t have been any nicer, she was very warm, and she asked me about my daughter, obviously, and where I was from, and, it was just very pleasant.

Nice save, Margot. After all, you were invited onto CNN for a reason. Next time, practice your lines better.

And the moral of this story is: Trump did better with white women, and by a pretty convincing margin. Don't all you white women feel guilty now?!

UPDATE: RI's award-winning editors have been tossing this one around for the last few minutes. Another question we have: Where is Bill Clinton? Margot claims Bill is taking the photo. Really? You wouldn't ask a Secret Service member to take the photo, so you can get a once-in-a-lifetime pic with both Bill and Hillary? Margot also claims that she recognized Bill first, then saw he was walking with Hillary. You didn't notice the probably very noticeable security detail first? Hard to believe. But then again, it's hard to believe Clinton would ever be seen in the woods, unless she was looking for a place to bury Huma.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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