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Limonov to Boris Johnson: Yes, We Would Love to Be a Pariah State – in Your Eyes

The famous Russian writer explains why Russia doesn’t want to find itself on the ash heap of history next to the West

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The UK Foreign Secretary tried to scare us, saying that our country was in danger of becoming a "pariah nation". 

That’s exactly what we want!

We want to leave and (we are successfully leaving) the ranks of fools, which, strange as it may seem, consists of “civilized” European countries, with their mouths open, greeting the conquest of Europe by migrants. 

You look like Romans of the V century A.D., when the Empire collapsed, when muscular savages settled on its lands, chasing away the Romans, raping their women. We would rather separate from you. 

You look exactly like those coddled, pathetic Romans , and I see a sign on your face that tells me you’re not going live much longer.

Not everyone in Russia wants to become a pariah-nation, but we are the majority. You can die without us.

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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