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The Lies About Russia Are a Great Big Gift for Fox's Tucker Carlson (Video)

Russia truthers get daily shellackings on Fox's top shows

Much of the alternative media is in chicken-little mode, moaning and groaning about the special counsel development - with ominous talk of a 'soft-coup' underway, worries of impeachment, etc.

Funny, you wouldn't get that impression watching Fox's most important news slot, Tucker Carlson's 8pm news and political analysis show.

<figcaption>Carlson pummeling a hapless Russiagate truther last night</figcaption>
Carlson pummeling a hapless Russiagate truther last night

It has almost become a daily ritual, where he laughs at and ridicules the baloney coming from the 'Russiagate' conspiracy theory.

Carlson's is the biggest and most influential news show in America.  His colleague Sean Hannity, who comes on at 10, is the second, and Hannity is no less scathing about the Russiagate story.

Then add to that 90% of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Alex Jones and most of the alternative media, on the left and the right, and what you really have is a ridiculous political narrative taking heavy fire day after day after day, with no cavalry coming to the rescue, cause at the end of the circus, there will be no evidence presented to support it, and it will collapse.

When a good 50% of a country's media are ridiculing and attacking the detractors of a sitting president, that president is in a pretty good place, especially when the detractors do not have a case that will hold up in court.

Here is Carlson last night bitch-slapping a democratic spokesman, revealing for all to see how ridiculous the Russiagate narrative is, and how it is child's play to rip it to shreds.

It has become very easy to follow the choicest parts of the American news shows, on the left and the right, by subscribing to amateur Youtubers who post them.  Often the videos are quickly taken down, but who cares, you only need them up for a day or so anyway.

To follow Hannity and Carlson, here are some examples.  It is easy to find similar ones on the left carrying the likes of screaming Russia conspiracy kook Rachel Maddow, etc.


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