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The Liberation of Palmyra: Watch Russian Special Forces Turn ISIS Into Mush (VIDEO)

Have a terrorist infestation? Call the Russians.

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Everything is easier the second time around.

ISIS hunters
ISIS hunters

And in the case of liberating Palmyra (again), Russia's Special Forces were not in a charitable mood. Let's just say they were eager to get the job done.

As we reported last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the liberation of Palmyra was "planned and carried out under the guidance of Russian military advisors". 

According to Russian estimates, 1,000 militants were killed or injured in the assault.

We are now pleased to present you with exclusive footage (via Rossiya 24) showing how Russian Special Forces routed ISIS at Palmyra.

We've edited the report down to the best four minutes, complete with English subtitles — because we love you:


In other news, the Russian Air Force just liquidated 20 foreign commanders of a CIA-armed terrorist group near Aleppo. It's been a bad week for maniacs.

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