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Liberals: Upset About Cecil the Lion, Callous About Suffering Children in Syria & Ukraine

Liberals cause endless misery to which they are astoundingly blind

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Remember good old Cecil? No? Good, and perfectly understandable, for a lot has happened since that episode. For example, the war in Syria escalated so radically that Russia had to intervene. Thousands of children have died and are still dying, and keep dying on the endless road of death built by the new Liberal utopians-built with bombs instead of concrete. Children in Eastern Ukraine, although no longer under concentrated fire, are still suffering a great deal of hardship.Indeed, Russia has accepted over 1 million refugees from Ukraine since the war started. But no, none of this really matters when we can talk about Cecil the Lion that was killed a few months ago. What’s more important, however, is that we keep banging on about Walter Palmer.

Mr. Palmer is the sort of man Western Liberals love to have spoken about all over the media, for, despite his real or imagined views, his act of killing Cecil can be portrayed as something your quintessential right-winger would do. Having established that, it is time to demonise the object of hatred even further. You know, he is the sort of man who would kill a defenceless animal, which means he is heartless. He probably doesn’t buy into the climate change myth. Oh, and he loves his guns. A lot. This false and infantile image of Mr.Palmer is what Western Liberals crave the most: an ideological enemy.

Western Liberals still pretend they care about Cecil when, in fact, it is the desire to bash an ideological foe that intoxicates them so.

 As we have already mentioned, millions of people have been forced to leave their homes in Ukraine and escape to Russia, many of whom are children. However, since the refugees have gone to Russia, and thanks to most Western media outlets’ total refusal to even mention this has been happening, Western liberals have become evermore emboldened to see the liberal-fascist Poroshenko regime succeed. After all, despite Poroshenko’s murderous ways, he is their man against a reactionary Putin, a man they despise even more than Palmer.

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Western Liberals’ response to the Syrian crisis has been far more interesting: the monumental waves of migrants entering the EU, due to the West’s liberal wars, have made some of them slightly less enthusiastic about liberal nation-building in the Middle East. However, most have seized the opportunity to engage in their favourite pastime: loathing their own countries. By allowing uncontrolled migration into Europe, liberals such as Merkel have subjected their own countries to unimaginable hardship, as well as the few genuine Syrian refugees,mainly women and children, who are now being forced to share accommodation with , predominantly male, criminals and terrorists.

To my mind, this seemingly inexplicable behaviour can be easily explained: intoxicated with their ideology, Western liberals do not mind sacrificing millions of children, whole civilizations and many nations’ stability, order and culture in order to achieve their aims. Remember Madeleine Albight’s ‘’worth it’’ comment, referring to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children? Domestically, Western liberals don’t mind butchering billions of children in their mothers’ wombs ( a process cynically referred to as ‘’abortion’’) in order to pander to the purely abstract sensibilities of a few self-obsessed, but incredibly loud, women. Despite their supposed ‘’tolerance’’, they are actively seeking ways of oppressing and shutting up anyone who disagrees with them. This liberal utilitarianism is no different to the Nazi and Communist versions thereof.

In this context, the fact so many of them were upset about Cecil the Lion, while dismissing and dehumanising the victims of their utopian projects , many of whom children, as collateral damage, speaks volumes. One is left with only two possible diagnoses: willful blindness or utter madness.

People who compare a guy who shot a lion to Hitler, while supporting thugs like the oligarch Poroshenko or the Islamist rebels in Syria, cannot really claim to be sane or in any way consistent.

The scary bit is that such people run the so-called West and have millions of supporters that keep re-electing them. That is all.

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Oh, and you may still be upset about Cecil on Twitter if can’t contain your liberal indignation: at least it is less harmful than bombing cities, imprisoning opponents or killing children.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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