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'Letting People Vote? That's Leadership?' – TV Pundit Says GOP Should Rig Primaries to Stop Trump

MSNBC chowderhead Chris Matthews praises the Democratic Party for making sure the 'right' candidate wins. But he's furious that the GOP hasn't done the same.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

If it accomplishes nothing else, Donald Trump's candidacy has shown that the establishment despises the American voter: If you don't vote for the "right" candidate, you are an "idiot" who probably shouldn't even be voting.

MSNBC's legendary establishment boot-licker Chris Matthews perfectly embodies this level of contempt for American voters.

<figcaption>Chris Matthews isn't fond of 'voting'</figcaption>
Chris Matthews isn't fond of 'voting'

In a rambling outburst after Trump was announced the projected winner in the Nevada caucus, Matthews lamented that unlike the Democratic Party, the GOP had allowed the "wrong" candidate to win:


Here's a rough transcript:

MATTHEWS: ...[Nevada Senator] Harry Reid was out here working ever one of the casinos. He made sure his party won. And you can bet Debbie Wasserman Schultz [Chair of the Democratic National Committee] has a favorite in this race [Wasserman openly supports Clinton]. But I don’t see anyone in the Republic leadership exercising leadership yet, right?

COLLEAGUE: I disagree, I think they’re letting the people vote.

MATTHEWS: Letting the people vote…that’s leadership? Let ‘em vote, whatever you like, whatever you like. [Laughter]

We encourage you to read that transcript again, to fully appreciate what Matthew's is saying here. Harry Reid "made sure his party won." That's funny, isn't Bernie Sanders also running as a Democrat? Matthews is showing unusual levels of honesty for a TV talking head: There's the "party" candidate, and then there's the candidates only "idiots" vote for.

The larger point that Matthews is making, and he's completely correct about this, is that the Democratic Party has done everything in its power to ensure that Hillary Clinton takes the nomination. Chris Matthews thinks this is a sign of "leadership", and he can't figure out why the GOP hasn't done the same to prevent "voters" from securing Trump's nomination.

Again speaking about the results of the Nevada caucus (which Hillary "won" narrowly), Matthews drools over the Democratic Party:

You saw democracy in action...It is bracing to watch. The Hillary Clinton people backed by, in fact led by Harry Reid who said he's not a partisan in this baby, fat chance, they won, Rachel, in an inside game. It was not a TV spectacular. It was good backroom politics.

So again, just to be clear: For Chris Matthews, "inside games" and "backroom politics" are signs of a vibrant democracy. But Americans turning out to vote for the candidate they want? That shows poor "leadership".

In an interesting statistical analysis, Reuters reports that "we give Trump a 90 percent chance of winning the Republican Party nomination based on the available evidence." Of course, according to Chris Matthews and much of the mainstream media, this only means that the GOP isn't exercising proper "leadership."

Americans: If you haven't figured it out already, the political establishment despises you.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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