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Let the People Go … to Turkey

Why there’s nothing wrong with Russian tourists returning to Turkey en masse.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

When the authorities made a decision to make up with Turkey and restart tourist flights, an inevitable scandal started.  

Writer Zakhar Prilepin stated the point of view better than anyone else: “How come! Only yesterday Turkey was almost our enemy, but now you can’t wait to get to this hostile resort! Shame on you! Treason and breach of national dignity…

I say “Thank God.”  I expected us to live peacefully with Turkey, and this quarrel to be temporary  I hadn’t expected it to end so quickly, but I’m glad it’s over . 

First, we don’t have any unresolvable problems with Turkey. There is no territory in dispute, with people torn between two identities, as happened in Ukraine. Of course, I’m sorry for the dead pilot, but this man was a professional, he knew what he was doing, and risk was an integral part of his job. It’s absurd to quarrel forever because of this tragic incident.

Second, the confrontation with Turkey is very uncomfortable for Russia. Even from the geographic point of view, Turkey’s location enables it to control the strategic area between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, between the Russian ‘north’ and the Islamic ‘south’, and if it wanted to, Ankara could easily create huge problems which would be difficult to counter short of war.   

Not to mention that we need Turkey to be neutral in relation to the Crimea, and not facilitate others stirring up trouble there.

Finally, it’s strange to criticize people for failing to be ‘as saintly as the Pope’, refusing the opportunity  to go to cheap, comfortable resorts because of a political conflict, which is as if it had never existed.

To Prilepin, I say: ‘Our people have had a hard life. And your dream of ‘empire’ is no reason for new ‘self-sanctions’ and restrictions, hitting hardest those who already have a hard life.

The Kremlin is smarter than our imperial patriots: they understand that the quarrel with Turkey is really bad for people. If there is a chance to make up without losing face, we should do it.

Readers’ poll by KP

Should we go to Turkey for all-inclusive leisure?


Absolutely not. Turkey is our enemy.


No. It’s dangerous because of the terror attacks.


Of course. Service is good and prices are cheap


Yes. People’s diplomacy will help us to repair out relations faster.

3,000 people took part in the poll held on July 4 on the KP website/.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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