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Leftist Jews Want to Stop Normal Americans From Protesting Israel’s Wars

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Americans are sick of wars. For nearly 20 years, America’s armed forces have seen endless bloody, wasteful, and stupid fighting all over the world. If Americans were given the chance to vote directly on the issue, they would vote overwhelmingly for a more peaceful policy. 

So why has the been no real anti-war movement? You would think that, after 19 years of constant Middle Eastern wars, with thousands of Americans killed, tens of thousands wounded, and untold trillions of dollars wasted, the people would stand up and say, “Enough already!”. 

But, through three presidents, two republicans and one democrat, the US government has stuck to its war-loving policies. This shows that anti-war protests have been a miserable failure. Protestors have not been able to push the government (or the media, for that matter) to do anything to change course.  

Why have Americans failed to make their government give them what they want?  

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The problem is that the anti-war movement has been hijacked. It has been taken over by some of THE VERY SAME PEOPLE who have the most to gain from endless wars! 

Snarling leftist commissars harass American citizens!

Last weekend, I went with some friends to an anti-war protest. We wanted to point out the obvious: that America’s Middle East wars are favored by Israel, and they are backed by many wealthy, powerful Jews in the US. Of course, many non-Jews are guilty too, and that’s also a problem. But it cannot be disputed that the heavily Jewish, pro-Israel lobby has been pushing America into wars that are good for Israel and bad for most Americans.  

If you doubt that, consider this. Have you ever heard of the “pro-Palestinian” or “pro-Arab” lobby? How about the “pro-Iranian” one? No? That is because no such lobby exists. But there is a massive pro-Israel lobby, funded in no small part by many very rich Jews. 

If you think my argument is “anti-Semitic”, you might be right! But that should not matter. What matters is: Is it true? Because if it is true, then it needs to be talked about.  

We will never stop these wars if we cannot talk about their causes. You cannot cure a sick person if you cannot diagnose their ailment. Therefore, we need to talk about Jewish power, and how rich Jewish people living in America are able to steer our foreign policy to give Israel what it wants.   

Yellow-hatted Jew steals a hand-made sign from anti-war protesters because he thought it was 'anti-Semitic.'

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Pointing to Jewish power might be impolite, but it is necessary. Jews ARE powerful.  

So it made sense to go to an anti-war rally and bring up the issue of Israel and her powerful Jewish supporters in America. 

How did the anti-war protestors react to our daring message of obvious Truth? 

As soon as I spoke up, I was instantly attacked by A MOB OF DOZENS OF SHRIEKING, STINKING LEFTISTS!  

Now, I am used to dealing with a people who don't want to listen to what I have to say. Years ago, I used to be a substitute teacher at a very “diverse” public school full of “under-privileged” (read: black and Hispanic) students. But even those blacks and Hispanics were never as mis-behaved as these lefty Jews, let me tell you! 

Two cameramen right there, and this image didn't make the evening news. Shocking!

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It even sounded like one of the women screaming at us had an Israeli accent. Why are ISRAELIS allowed to scream and shout at American citizens about our own foreign policy in our own streets? 

Now, unlike what lying, Jewish-owned, fish-wrapper newspapers like “The Daily Beast” are telling people, not everyone at the anti-war rally rushed to shut me up. Half of them were clearly shocked and confused when the hard-core commies and Jews attacked me. Some of these honest liberals were even brave enough to come and talk to my friends and me after things settled down. There might yet be some hope for these people! 

Afterwards, my friends and I thought it over. Why were there so many nasty, intolerant Jews at this rally? It used to be perfectly okay to criticize Israel at leftist rallies and events. But now, as soon as we even hinted at it, we were smeared as “anti-Semites”, “white supremacists” and so on and so forth. 

The reason is this: lefty Jews WANT the anti-war movement (insofar as it exists) to be weak and useless. They can make this happen by a number of ways. 1) Making sure NO ONE talks about Israel or Jewish interests 2) Keeping smart, good-looking white men away from protests, and 3) Filling protests with freaks and muddle-headed weirdos to SCARE OFF NORMAL PEOPLE.

This way, they can ensure that no real, natural, popular anti-war movement can rise up and stand up to the US government and its Jewish puppet-masters. Despite the fact that tens of millions of good, normal Americans are sick of war, you won’t see any of them at an anti-war rally, that’s for sure! We are not welcome. 

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This is the awful reality. The main people who have to fight on the frontlines of America’s wars for Israel are back-country white men (with a sprinkling of black and Hispanic men). They do most of the killing, the bleeding, and the dying, while powerful Jews are stuffing their bank accounts. And yet, these fighting men have no say on what countries we start wars with. 

Of course, Jews and Israel aren’t the only people who benefit from America’s wars in the Middle East. Rich oil-men, weapons manufacturers, lobbyists, “foreign policy experts”, and other scoundrels make a pretty penny too. They also need to be held to account for their behavior. 

But the bottom line is: Israel has a lot to gain, as do many, many American Jews, who have lots of influence and power in the media, colleges, Wall Street and, of course, the government.  

If we cannot talk about Israel and Jews, then we will never stop the wars with all of their killing, destruction, and horror. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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