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Leaked Email Shows Clinton Advisor Blumenthal Predicted Trump's Rise in 2009

Trusted Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal warned Hillary that trade policy with China created 'a slave labor system destroying American families' - a system that would lead to political revolution

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Not much time remains until Nov. 8th, when polls open in the United States, and the winner of probably the most important US presidential election in generations will be decided. 

But it's not too late to reveal one final big embarrassment for Hillary Clinton, which I just discovered in the cache of her emails held by Wikileaks.

Longtime advisor to both Clintons, Sidney Blumenthal, sent an email to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in September 2009. He was forwarding an article from The Times which drew attention to the massive trade imbalance and currency manipulation by China. 

In his brief commentary, Blumenthal slammed a range of the Obama administration's core policies, lambasting Obama's "jobless recovery" which he said, "was not felt by 95 percent of the country." 

He also appeared to rip Obamacare, saying that "health care 'reforms' would significantly jack up rates on the working and middle classes" and "leave tens of millions uncovered."

But most incredible is Blumenthal's description of China's role in the destruction of American jobs, and his prediction that a "new politics" was coming that a future GOP candidate would surely tap into, if the political establishment, particularly the Democrats, failed to wake up. I have highlighted the relevant part below.

September 21, 2009 email from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton:

It is easy to see why the Clintons consider Blumenthal valuable. He is clearly a prescient political realist who tells them what they need to hear - not what they want to hear. 

Blumenthal's prediction, as early as 2009, that the massive free trade outsourcing of American labor and consequent ruin of the American economy would eventually lead to a political revolution seems amazing. 

Hillary Clinton and the US political establishment didn't follow Sid's advice to turn against the "slave labor system destroying American families" - a system Bill and Hillary Clinton, through NAFTA and trade policy with China, played a large part in helping to create. 

"Someone's going to figure this out," Blumenthal warned. 

And now, his "rough beast" has arrived. His name is Donald Trump. And in a little over 24 hours, he is poised to carry out an electoral coup never before seen in American history.

Bernie said it, and it can't be repeated enough: Hillary's "got bad judgment."

Oh yes...and we've got still more confirmation that Colin Powell loves to run his mouth at Bohemian Grove. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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