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Lavrov Warmly Greets Kerry in Zurich, Snubs Blood-Soaked Witch Nuland (Video)

The body language between Russia's foreign minister and one of Washington's most infamous color revolution plotters says it all

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

On Wednesday, Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry met in Zurich, Switzerland for the umpteenth round of negotiations on the crisis in Syria. As one might have expected, no serious decisions were reached. 

The fact that the meeting is happening at all is indicative of a slight thaw in the relationship between Washington and Moscow. But what's even more important is not what was said, but what was done. 

Body language and symbolism are not irrelevant in the diplomatic world. If a head-of-state spends more time speaking to one ambassador than another at a reception, it is sure to be taken as a sign of favoritism toward that country. 

What happened at the start of the Zurich meeting is telling. Lavrov warmly greeted Kerry and exchanged pleasant conversation. But when he was introduced to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, their hands barely touched and he refused even to make eye contact

Mr. Lavrov is sending a message here - Russia approves of sane and frank discussion of global problems, as represented (albeit certainly not ideally) by Mr. Kerry. And Russia disapproves of double-dealing and subversive action to achieve geopolitical goals, as represented (absolutely perfectly) by Ms. Nuland. 

It was Nuland who played a leading role in organizing the violent coup in 2014, sold as a "peaceful protest," which overthrew Ukraine's democratically elected president and established Ukraine as a US political vassal and an EU economic colony - not to mention precipitating economic collapse, civil war and anarchy.

Vicky Nuland has blood on her hands, and Lavrov clearly doesn't want any on his.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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